The League

Final League Table 2017/18

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A great game at the Post saw the A team lose the match but with the league! The B team won the first 3 singles games starting off with the top two players in the Players Table going head to head which saw a tight 3-2 win for Ash Sandon-James over Kalem Marsh! Both hit 180's. Comfortable wins for Matt Warren and Jamie Bown over Colin Clarke and Andy Hughes put the B team well in the lead and despite Andy Wilcox losing a close game to Chris Allen (145), Paul Blackstone then gave Mike Brickell only his 3rd loss of the season meant a unassailable lead for the B team after the singles. Both Pairs were won by the A team including a superb 12 dart from Chris Allen and Kalem Marsh which I am not sure has been done before in recent years!

Riverside B finished the season in style, beating Crown Exiles at 18-12 with Stu Wollacott vs Kate Hulme (180), Steve Hoddinott over Lee Gregory and Brian WIlkins over Mark Branson as singles winners whilst Gary Witcombe (180) and Andy Biggs were Exiles winners. Riverside B the next day  beat league winners Red Post A 16-15 in a great game that game down to the last pairs leg! Wins for the Hoddinots Steve and Sam over Chris Allen and Andy Hughes (180) respectively, sandwiched by Kalem Marsh (180) and Lee Paradise winning for the Post kept things tight before a 3-2 win for Colin Clarke edged the Post ahead by 1 point only for two 3-2 pairs wins for Riverside gave them the tightest of wins! Finally they beat the Greyhound in a re arranged game 15-13 which was enough to secure 3rd ahead of the Exiles and enough for The Greyhound to finish 6th. Mark Gould and Chris Graham finished their impressive debut seasons in the Paulton League (I think!). Mark with a 15 dart leg and a 148 check in his singles win and Chris with a 180 in his 3-2 win over Sam Hoddinott. Mark I think is now the only player to hit 5 ton+ checks. Steve Hoddinott, Darren WIlkins (180) and Stu Wollacott were winners for Riverside with Steve finishing 4th in Players Table.

Norton Social club beat Greyhound 18-10 with only Mark Gould stopping a clean sweep of singles wins for Norton. Both Neil Raikes and and Chris Graham hit 15 dart legs against each other but it was Neil who came out on top 3-1 to finish 3rd in players table. Adrian Beale hit a 119 check in his 3-0 win. The Crown Jewells enjoyed a comfortable 19-6 win over High Littleton Rec with John Lilley finishing off as their leading player beating myself 3-0 whilst Lee Shave picked up High Littletons only win on the night 3-1.

In the Cup games Red Post A beat Norton Social Club 4-1 and High Littleton Rec beat High Littleton B in the deciding leg in the deciding pairs!

Division 2 has been won by THE RAILWAY , but only by 3 points!! They dropped 1 point in the pairs against the Wunderhounds which is all they could afford to to be sure of winning, while the Riverside A had a good win 17-10 at High Littleton to push them all the way! The Riverside won all their singles games (despite 2 180's from Graham Chun who lost a 2-0  lead to Ivor Chard but leaves him with the most 180's in the 2nd division) and dropped two in the pairs which didn't quite matter in the end as the Railway just did what they had to do., including Colin Hurle who finished Top player in division 2. High Littleton did just enough to finish 3rd, ahead of the Tyning on Leg Difference!

Week 6

High Littleton Rec travelled to Crown Exiles and so nearly pulled off a supirse win. It came down the very last leg with the final pairs stood at 2-2 with winner takes all. Myself and Adam Bean set oursleves up after I hit a 180 & 135 but I then managed to miss two D2's for the match to allow Lee Gregory to step in a close out the match 15-14! Wins for myself over Kate Hulme and Adam Bean over Tony Dunscombe had got the Rec off to a flyer before Bromey, Lee Gregory and Gary Witcombe (with another 14 dart leg! + 180) in a close 3-2 win over Marq Mathews gave the Exiles a 1 point lead after singles. Marq and Craig Britten beat Gary and Chris Daniels in the first pairs to set up the final pairs decider. 

There was a great game between Crown Jewells and Norton Social Club which was also decided in the last pairs game. Wins for Tom Davis, Darren Kingman and John Lilley over Julian Beale netted off with wins for Andy Bryant, who hit a 15 dart leg and Neil Raikes. This gave the Jewells a 'precious' 1 point lead after the singles. Norton hit back with a 3-1 in the first pairs which meant Jewells had to win 3-1 in the last pairs - which Tom Davis and John Lilley managed and so the Jewells 'polished' off Norton 13-12..!

The Red Post A are not quite mathematically champions as their game against the Riverside B was postponed. It did allow the Red Post B, with their 14-9 win over the Greyhound to basically seal 2nd place . It also meant Ash Sandon-James is one leg from securing top player as he won 3-0, along with Matt Warren (180) and Jamie Bown. Jamie has only lost one game and under the old % rules would be on 93%, just 2% behind Ash, who would still be top :) Chris Graham and Mark Gould both had wins to continue their good seasons in the League.

Division 2 has been incredibly tight with 12 points separating 4 teams! The Tyning cannot win as they have played all their games and as the Railway carry a 2 point lead with a game against Wunderhounds to come in does make them favourites. However, with the Riverside playing High Littleton the winner on the night will secure second place, and a big win for one of them..... well who knows :)

Last week Railway A beat the Tyning 15-11 but with Geoff Fuller (180) having a good win against Scotty it means Lance (who beat Dan Coombes 3-2) is now tied for top player with Scotty, they cannot be separated, even on Legs won. But as they played their last game it opens the door for Colin Hurle, who also won, to take Top spot in the players table if he gets at least 1 leg this week. Rob Kemp and Will Wiltshire were the other winners for the Tyning who were 11-11 after the singles but lost both pairs 2-0 as they gave all their squad a chance to play :) The Dolphin beat the Wunderhounds 17-9 with Patt Hudd, Niel Serpis and Kev WIlliams wining singles. However, Matt Spurlock and Alex Wilkinson continued their impressive ends to the season with 3-2 wins. Riverside gave themselves their small chance of winning the division a big boost by taking max points against The Crossways.

Week 5

[Week 4] Red Post A beat  20-9 but was a scoreline which does not reflect some great close games. Mike Brickell (180) has still only lost only 2 games this season and gave Julian Beale (180x2) only his 4th in a 3-2 win which included a 15 dart leg for Mike plus a rarely seen 158 check. Andy Bryant (114) won a close 3-2 game against Andy Hughes and Kalem Marsh beat Neil Raikes by the same scoreline . Colin Clarke hit 2 180's plus a 111 in his 3-1 win over Glyn Bryant who had the consolation of a 15 dart. Chris Allen hit a a 180 in his win.

Week 5: The Red Post A  then crushed HL Rec 21-2 to move closer to clinching the title. They won every game 3-0 or 3-1 but there was a very big highlight for HL as Craig Britten hit a 164 check to take the highest checkout of the season away from his opponent on the night Colin Clarke who had hit a 161 earlier in the season. Marq Matthews and Colin both hit 180's on the night.

The Exiles won the Crown derby with a 17-10 win but dropped points as Tom Davis continued his good season with a 3-0 win over Chris Daniels and he wen ton to win his pairs with Jason Russell. There were comfortable wins for Lee Gregory, Gary Witcombe whilst Kate Hulme gave John Lilley only his 3rd loss of the year. Andy Biggs (180) won a tight 3-2 game against Jason Russell. Red Post B defeated Norton with wins for Ash Sandon-James (180x2) Matt Warren (180) and Jamie Bown (180) over the Beale's Kath, Julian and Adie respectively. Andy Bryant and Neil Raikes (180) were singles winners for Norton before The Post then won both pairs with a 15 dart Pairs leg for Ash and Andy Wilcox!

Tyning beat Dolphin 15-8 to keep pressure on the Railway with Scotty hitting a 137 check and his son Rob a 180 in their sinning singles games. Patt Hudd was the sole singles winner for the Dophin and he went on to partner brother Austin in winning their pairs 2-0. High Littleton B also keep the chase for Division 2 places tight with a 16-9 win over the Crossways with Matt Davies winning the Crossways only singles with a 3-2 win over Graham Woodham. ALex Todd, Jon Roberts, Matt Knight and Grahame Chun all won for HL with pairs shared out equally.

 WunderHounds picked up 5 points going down 18-5 against Riverside A with the highlight a first win for Matt Spurlock which has been coming having played him. Alex Wilkinson nearly did the same but went down 302 against Adam Deverill. Ian Morris hit a 180 in his 3-0 win. Colby and Paul Carpenter were the other winners.

WEEK 3 and 4

Week 3 Division 1: Red Post B dropped only 2 points against High Littleton Rec with singles wins for Matt Warren, coming from 2-0 down vs Craig Britten (180) and for Ash Sandon-James and Mark Furber. Close singles wins for myself and for Marq Mathews, who ended the last unbeaten record in the league  for Jamie Bown (180). Crown Exiles travelled to Norton Social Club and came away 16-12 winners as Kate Hulme, Lee Gregpry, Gary Witcombe were all winners whilst Neil Raikes won for Norton. In the last singles Andy Biggs had a close 3-2 win over Adrian Beale with Andy hitting a 180 and a 110 check and Ade a 180 and a 100 check.

Some close games and high quality darts saw Red Post A beat the Greyhound 18-10. Mike Brickell, Andy Hughes and Colin Clarke all dented the good records of Barrie Witcombe, Chris Graham and Mark Gould respectively with close wins. Mark Gould however hit 2 180's and a fantastic 11 dart leg in his match, our best leg of the season!  Riverside B had a dominant 19-6 win over the Crown Jewells with John Lilley the only singles winner for the Crown.

Week 4: The Greyhound took an slender advantage in the race by beating the Crown Jewells 16-10 and are now only 1 point behind them with a game in hand. Crown Jewells got off to a great start with John Lilley beating Barrie Witcombe which included a 15 dart leg followed by a win for Darren Kingman. The Greyhound then hit back with 12 poiints with wins for Chris Graham (111); Mark Gould (111) and Clayton Dando and Pairs wins to seal the win.

Red Post B hit choppy waters in their chase of the A team as they went down 15-8 to the Crown Exiles as they failed to pick up points in 3 singles games as Lee Gregory (130), Gary Witcombe and Mark Branson all won 3-0. Ash Sandon-James was the lone Post singles winner , who had a 15 dart leg and 3 180's! whilst Andy Wilcox got a point and a 180 in his 3-1 loss to Kate Hulme. Riverside B closed to 1 point behind the Exiles with a 16-9 win away to HL Rec. The Hoddinots (both hitting a 180) and Stu Wollacott, who beat me 3-1 kicked off things well for the Riverside  before being pegged back by Marq Mathews (180) and Craig Britten who dropped 1 leg between them over the Wilkins. Riverside then asserted back their dominance with two good pairs wins.

Week 3 Division 2: Riverside A keep the pressure on the Railway as they beat Dolphin 15-9 but dropped points in both pairs as the Dolphin won both 2-1. Kev Williams was the only singles winner for the Dolphin Mark Colbourne (100) and Ian Morris (180) continue to be the Riversides leading players and both stay in the top 5 in the players table. Tyning overcame the Crossways 15-8 but didn't have it all their own way as Jerry Davies and Kerry Langan, her 6th win of the season, won singles games. Matt Davies lost to Lance Coleman but had the consolation of a 180. Both Kemp's also won their games.

Week 4: Railway defeated Crossways 13-7 with wins for the 3 leading Railway Players Mike Turner, Colin Hurle and Dan Coombes while the Crossways leading players Kerry Langan and Matt Davies did the same. Jer Davies had the consolation of a 180 in his game.The Tyning beat WunderHounds 18-4 but  Alex Wilkinson won his singles game 3-2. High Littleton B beat Dolphin 16-5 only dropping points to Patt Hudd who won 3-0. Graham Woodham, Grahame Chun (116, 100), Alex Todd and Jon Roberts were singles winners for HL who keep the pressure on the Riverside A and Railway A.

In a re arranged game High Littleton Rec opened up Division 2 with a great 13-11 last pairs win over the Railway A. Jon Roberts (180), Grahame Chun and Matt Knight with a close 3-2 win over Dan Coombes (180) took HL into a 9-3 lead before Colin Hurle and Mike Turner (114, his 4th check of the season) with 3-0 wins came back to 9-9 before tight 2-1 pairs wins for HL led to them to the victory.

High Littleton Rec took Norton Social Club to the very last leg of the match which Norton won to sneak a 14-13 win! Andy Bryant for Norton and Adam Bean for HL were the 1st two singles winners before Neil Raikes (180) and Julian Beale (154 check) vs myself took 3-1 wins to move ahead. However, Craig Britten (a 6th 180) winning 3-0 and a tight 3-2 pairs win pinned back Norton. A gallant effort from Adam Bean and Lee Shave saw them take the last pairs to 2-2 , and left tops, only for Andy Bryant with Neil Raikes to close out the match.

Red Post A stay top with a 19-7 win over Crown Jewells with singles wins for Kalem Marsh, Andy Hughes and Colin Clarke. The Post dropped points with Tom Davis inflicting Mike Brickell's second loss of the season which also cost him top spot. John Lilley has still only lost 2 with a tight 3-2 win over Chris Allen. Riverside B vs Red Post B was another game which went to the last pairs game. The Post needed 2 legs in total from the pairs but after Stu Wolacott /Sam Hoddinott won 3-0 it came down to Matt Warren and Jamie Bown to get the 2 legs they needed to win the match for the Post. Earlier in the singles Ash Sandon James, who is now Leading Player, Jamie Bown (100) and Paul Blackstone had wins for the Post, while Darren Wilkins (180) gave Andy Wilcox his first loss of the season. It means Jamie is the only unbeaten player who has played more than 10 games. Matt Warren suffered only his 2nd loss of the season to Steve Hoddinott (112)

The Exiles overcame the Greyhound 17-11 by virtue of winning four of the singles, 3 of them 3-0. Mark Branson handed Chris Graham only his 2nd loss of the year with wins also for Chris Daniels, Tony Dunscombe and Lee Gregory (180) . The singles win for the Greyound came from Mark Gould overcoming Gary Witcombe 3-2 in a game which included a 112 check and a 15 dart leg for Gary, his 9th of the season! (although 3 are yet to appear on the players table as I can't find my Over 50's sheet at the moment!) . 

Railway A made a big statement of intent in the second division with a 15-6 win over 2nd placed Riverside A. Singles wins for Colin Hurle (123), who stays top of the players table, Dan Coombes, Geoff Fulller and Mike Turner put them in a comanding position before Captain Colby won some good points winning his singles and his pairs game in total 5-1. The Tyning crept up close to High Littleton B in 3rd with a tight 13-12 win, although they made it difficult for themselves needing 1 leg in the pairs which is all they got. Tyning dominated the singles with Lance (180), Scotty, Will Wiltshire and Tony Carlow, his first for the year, all winning. Graham Woodham for HL hit 2 180's and 101 check and won his singles 3-0. WunderHounds entertained the Crossways and picked up 6 points going down 17-6 with captain Charlotte Keevill winning her singes for the Hounds. Bob Bridges, Barry Gilvray and Kerry Langan were winners in the singles for the Crossways.

WEEK 1 (2nd Half of the Season) 

Red Post A beat Crown Exiles 17-11 in a game that shows how tough it will be to protect good singles records in this half of the season! Three of the singles were dominant 3-0 wins with the Post wining two of them. Mike Brickell got revenge over Kate Hulme for his only defeat earlier in the season whilst Bromey (180, 126) beat Colin Clarke, only Colin's 2nd loss. Chris Allen then hit a 180, a 148 check both in a 15 dart leg to beat Andy Biggs. Kalem won a tight 3-2 game over Lee Gregory and Andy Hughes gave Gary Witcombe only his 2nd loss of the season.

Red Post B had a good 19-10 win over Crown Jewells. The 2 points were dropped as Paul Blackstone and Mark Furber lost close singles games against John Lilley and Mark Hiller respectively. Andy Wilcox and Jamie Bown both remain unbeaten in the singles this year.

Riverside B kept their tight advantage over Norton Social Club in the table with a 17-10 win. They got off to a 6-0 start courtesy of Steve Hoddinott (180) and Stu Wollacott over Ady Beale and Andy Bryant. Despite wins for Julian Beale (180x2) and Neil Raikes, Riverside took a 11-8 advantage after the singles thanks to Darren Wilkins winning the last singles.

Railway A staked an early claim to Division 2 with a 17-7 win over the Dolphin. Singles wins for Geoff Fuller, Steve Ball, Colin Hurle and Mike Turner saw them home comfortably although Austin Hudd won his singles for the Dolphin to stop the Railway getting max points. Riverside A came through a tight game vs Tyning 13-11 to keep the table tight. There were tight wins for Scotty, Lance Coleman (116) and Rob Kemp after a comfortable 3-0 win for Dom Grass in the first singles, Mark Colbourne then won a decisive singles game 3-0 against WIll Wiltshire. Pairs points were then shared. High Littleton Rec earned max points against the Wunderhounds.


As we end the first part of the season its the Red Post A who sit top of the league. This week they beat the Greyhound 17-7 but lost points courtesy of two good singles wins for the Greyhound's Chris Graham (138) over Andy Hughes and Mark Gould (180) over Chris Allen. Kalem Marsh, Mike Brickell and Colin Clarke all won to keep their top 10 places in the players table with Mike in top place level on points with Ash Sandon-James but ahead by 1 leg! The Red Post B team are only 10 points behind after a whitewash of Wunderhounds which included a 14 dart leg for Matt Warren and then the next night played their re-arranged game against the Railway winning 18-5, dropping the points in the last pairs game after winning all the singles. All to play for with 7 games remaining for the top teams - all against each other.

Crown Jewells gained max points against the Dolphin which included Mark Hillier hitting a great 152 check in winning his singles 3-0. Crown Exiles won 16-13 in a tight game against Norton Social Club. The crown edged the singles 11-8 and maintained that lead in the shared pairs. Mark Branson kicked the night off with a win over Julian Beale, only Julian's second loss of the season. And other second loss was inflicted, on Kate Hulme by Andy Bryant whilst Neil Raikes and Gary Witcombe kept their good runs going.

High Littleton Rec secured Division One status with a 18-9 win over Crossways. Kerry Langan won the Crossways singles before wins for Lee Shave, Adam Bean, Marq Mathews and Craig Britten secured the win for The Rec. Riverside B move to 4th in table after beating Riverside A 18-10 winning all the singles and dropping atheir 3 points in the last pairs game to Mark Colboune and Paul Carpetnter/ There was a 180 for Sam Hoddinott in his 11th win of the season and 122 check for Darren Willkins.

The game between the WunderHounds and Crown Exiles has been conceded by the Wunderhounds after they had to cancel a rearranged date as they could not get enough players.


Red Post A kept their place at the top of the table with an 18-10 win over Riverside B. The Post won 4 of the singles which included a 15 dart leg for Colin Clark and a 180 for Mike Brickell. Steve Hoddinott dealt Kalem Marsh only his second defeat of season in winning for Riverside. There were 180's for Sam Hoddinott and Marty Simmons who also hit a 116 check in the pairs.

There was great game between the 6th and 7th placed teams which ended up as high scoring 16-16 draw between the Greyhound and the Crown Jewells ! The Jewells, after losing 4 singles, including 3 of them 2-3 went on to win both pairs 3-2 to grab a point! Singles wins for Clayton Dando, Chris Graham (2x180), who gave John Lilley only his 2nd defeat of the season, Barrie Witcombe and Mark Gould (119) gave the Greyhound a 12-10 singles lead after Gary James won the first singles for the Jewells 3-0 . There were consolation 180's for Matt Young and Tom Davies.

Norton Social Club went 6-0 up , were then 11-7 down before winning the last 6 legs to win a close match vs High LIttleton Rec 13-11. Julian Beale and Andy Bryant picked up early wins before myself, Marq Mathews and Craig Britten won our singles games dropping 1 leg between us. After going up 2-0 in the first pairs the wheels then came off as Norton won 6 legs in a row with some great Pairs play including a 15 dart leg from Julian Beale and Neil Raikes to finish off the match.

Red Post B beat Riverside A 18-8 with the dropped points coming way of Mark Colboune beating Paul Blackstone. Before that there was a full set of sub 15 dart legs with a 13 dart leg by Mat Warren, a 14 by Jamie Bown (+180) and a 15 by Ash Sandon-James (+106)! ! And Wilcox and Jamie just about kept their unbeaten records with narrow 3-2 wins.

Tyning beat HL B 16-10 with wins for the Kemp's , Scotty (106) and Rob, plus Will Wltshire (180) . Grahame Chun vs Lance Coleman and Matt Knight were the HL singles winners.


A cracking game saw Red Post B beat Red Post A 15-13 to inflict the 1st defeat of the year on Red Post A. The A team got off to a good start with Mike Brickell beating Ash Sandon-James (180x2) 3-2, ending the last perfect record (played and won every game) in the league. Kalem Marsh then ended the unbeaten record of Matt Warren, despite Matt's 14 dart leg! But then the B team bounced back with wins for Jamie Bown and Andy Wilcox, both remain unbeaten with good wins over Andy Hughes and Colin Clark - another who lost his unbeaten record! The B team edges ahead with Paul Blackstone's (15 dart leg) win over Chris Allen (105). Pairs were shared leaving the A team with their first defeat but remain top.

Riverside B and Crown Jewells  also had a close game with the points shared at 14-14, a match that came down to the last leg of the pairs which Riverside needed to win to salvage a draw after being 12-8 down, which they did thanks to Steve Hoddinott and Darren Wilkins. The Jewells took the honours in 4 of the singles with only Stu Wollacott winning for Riverside. Tom Davis and John Lilley had good wins over Snr and Jnr Hoddinott whilst Gary James (180) and Darren Kingman also won singles.

Another draw saw The Dolphin at home with High Littleton B with singles wins for Neil Sepris, Patt Hudd and Kev Williams whilst Alex Todd, his 4th of the season and Colin Stead won for High Littleton. The Crown Exiles beat Riverside A which included a clean sweep of singles and a 5th 15 dart leg and an 8th 180 for Gary Witcombe!!  Kate Hulme has still only lost one singles and hit a 104 check. 180's for Paul Carepenter and Ian Morris were a small consolation.

Railway A won a tight game against Tyning with Mike Turner beating Scotty and hitting a 127 check, becoming the 3rd player to hit 3 high checks. Colin Hurle (110) , WIll Wiltshire (180) and Lance Coleman were among singles winners. High Littleton Rec whitewashed the Wunderhounds. Marq Mathews hit a 102 check. Noton Social Club also hit max points vs Crossways.

180's checks etc from 3s and Blind Pairs all updated now. Well done to Julian Beale on a 15 dart leg and Andy Wilcox, the 1st person to get 3 high checks this season. Gary Witcombe was the second (at Blind Pairs). Finally Kalem Marsh has now hit 10 180's, the most so far. Card missing from Tyning/ Dolphin last week


The WunderHounds grabbed their biggest points haul of the season and only lost on the final pairs game, going down 12-15 to the Crossways. There were 2nd wins of the season for Alex Wilkinson and captain Charlotte Keevill. They also only narrowly lost each pairs game 3-2. For the Crossways Matt Davies picked up his 3rd win of the season and Barry Gilvray was also a singles winner.

The Red Post A beat the Crown Exiles convincingly 20-4 to retain top spot. It did come at the expense of the perfect record of Mike Brickell who lost 3-2 to Kate Hulme. Kalem Marsh (180), Andy Hughes (180), Chris Allen (180) and Colin Clarke, who remains unbeaten having missed only one game, were singles winners for the Post.

A high quality game saw Red Post B beat Crown Jewells 18-11 as John Lilley (180) also lost his perfect record but went down fighting 3-2 to Mike Chiswell (180). The last player with a perfect record (i.e. having played every game) is now Ash Sandon-James who won 3-0. Jamie Bown remains unbeaten in 5 games and also hit a 15 dart leg with a 108 check. Paul Blackstone hit 2 180's winning his singles. Tom Davies was his teams sole singles winner beating Mark Furber.

High Littleton Rec won a close mid table battle against Riverside A as it starts to get very close to see who ends up in Division 1 after the split with 4 teams battling for the pleasure of the one probable spot left. (8 in top div, 7 in 2nd). Ian Morris remains the RIverside A leading player with a 3-0 win and checks of 106 and 100 and shares an identical record with Craig Britten (106) and Myself who were also winners on the night. Ivor Chard and Marq Matthews were the other singles winners.

Norton Social club eased to an 18-5 win over Railway A with only Colin Hurle winning for the Railway. 180's for the Bryant's Glyn and Andy, as well as Dan Coombes. Julian Beale has still only lost one game this season and stays in top 3 of players table.

The Greyhound beat High Littleton B 16-11 with Chris Graham and Mark Gould both getting their 8th wins of the season plus Barrie Witcombe,  were all 3-0. For HL Graham Chun and Alex Todd overcame the Dando's, Chris, and Clayton, to record singles wins. The Pairs points were evenly split but the damage done in the singles.


Week 11

Red Post A had a good two days with 17-8 catch up win over the Railway, which included 2 180's for Kalem but a 2nd loss for Andy Hughes against Mike Turner. Mike went on to partner Colin Hurle is a 3-0 pairs win over Kalem Marsh and Chris Allen. The Post then travelled to High Littleton Rec to steamroller them 21-7 with a further 180 for Kalem and one for Chris Allen. Mike Bricknell and Colin Clarke remain unbeaten in singles. These two days then took them to the top of the league from which they will be hard to dislodge. 

Greyhound beat Tyning 19-7 with singles wins for the Dando's, Clayton (113) and Chris whilst Chris Graham and Mark Gould won their 7th games of the season, Chris having only lost one. It was a tough night for the Tyning with only Will Wiltshire winning his singles . The Exiles had a very impressive 20-4 Derby win over the Jewells. The Jewells felt the loss of late arrival of unbeaten John Lilley in the singles as they went down 3-0 in all 5 singles only for John (180) to help stop max points by winning his pairs with Darren Kingman. In the previous pairs Kate Hulme and Mark Branson hit a 15 dart pairs leg. Lee Gregory, Kate Hulme, Chris Daniels and Gary Witcombe have all still lost just one game.

The RIverside B had a tough 16-10 battle against High Littleton B but won 4 of the 5 singles with Graham Woodham winning for HL. Stu Wollacott hit a 115 check and Darren Wilkins a 101.  The Railway beat the Dolphin 18-4 which included a 180 for Mike Turner in his singles win. other wins for Steve Ball, Colin Hurle and Dan Coombes. Pat Hudd was the only singles winner for the Dolphin. 

Finally well done to Andy Bryant for his 15 dart leg as his team beat the WInderhounds 21-1.


Red Post A gained max points against the Crossways with the highlight a 161 check, the highest of the season and a brilliant 12 dart leg for Colin Clarke! Colin remains unbeaten this year. Andy Hughes was back to winning ways with a 180, Kalem Marsh hit a 180 and Mike Bickell remains unbeaten.
Riverside B go top with an 18-8 win over the Tyning with the Hoddinott's both winning , with Steve hitting his 5th&6th 180's of the season. whilst the Wilkin's both lost to the Kemp's! (Rob and Scotty).
Norton Social Club had a battle against the Riverside but came through 15-9. There were singles wins for Ian Morris, his 6th of the season and Mark Colbourne whilst Julian Beale, Neil Raikes and Andy Bryant all continued their good form.
Red Post B beat High Littleton Rec 15-7 but dropped points as Graham Chun (180) had a perfect night  beating Paul Blackstone 3-0 and then with Graham Woodham beat Matt Warren and Ash Sandon-James 3-0 in the pairs. Ash and Matt earlier remained unbeaten in the singles There was also singles wins for Jamie Bown making his debut for the Post and for Mark Furber (110 check)
The Wunderhouds picked up some good points as they went down 18-5 to the Railway and included Alex Wilkinson winning his first game of the season 3-0. For the Railway there were wins for Dan and Kailem Coombes as well as Colin Hurle and Geoff Fuller.
Crown Jewells took max points against High Littleton Rec with John Lilley keeping one the few remaining perfect records with a 3-2 win over myself (180) with Tom Davis getting his 7th win of the season and a good 3-0 win for Gary James over Craig Britten, only his 2nd loss of the season.
The Greyhound beat the Dolphin Inn 20-7, which included a clean sweep of the singles and Chris Graham (180) continuing his good form having only lost once this season.


Red Post A beat Norton Social Club 16-11 but at the expense of Andy Hughes' perfect record as he went down 3-0 to Neil Raikes but Mike Bricknell kept his record going. There was also a singles win for Kalem Marsh with his 2nd 14 darter of the season plus a 180. Julian Beale and Lee Paradise (Post) were the other singles winners. Andy Bryant had the consolation of 2 180's.

The Railway and The Greyhound had a close game with the score 12-12 going into the last pairs which Chris Dando and Mark Gould won to add to their singles wins, along wth Chris Graham who has only lost once this year. Mike Turner (107) and Dan Coombes (180) were the Railways singles winners.

The scoreline didn't do Tyning justice as they went down 21-7 to Red Post B in a high quality match. Matt Warren hit two 180's to remain unbeaten and handing Scotty only his 2nd loss of the season and the same was true of Lance Coleman who went down 3-1 to unbeaten Andy WIlcox who hit a 13 dart leg and a 116 check despite Lance hitting 10 ton+ scores. Then to finish the night Alan Blackstone and Ash Sandon-James hit a superb 14 dart pairs leg. The Jewells had an 18-7 win over Crossways with John Lilley keeping his perfect record but Tom Davis lost only his 2nd game, going 3-2 to the Crossways Matt Davies.

The Exiles remained top with max points against High Littleton B with Lee Gregory the first this season to hit 2 sub 15 dart legs in one night !! (a 14 and a 15) and finished one off with a 138 check! He is still looking for a 180 though this year! 180's for Chris Daniels and Andy Biggs. Max points also for the Riverside B vs the Dolphin but there was a consolation 180 for Patt Hudd.


The Greyhound had a great win in beating top of the table Riverside B 12-10! They were 10-6 down after the singles but the importance of the Pairs was evident as they won both 3-0 to take the win. Sam Hoddinott (180) with a 15 dart leg stayed top of the Players table with wins along Marty Simmons and Stu Wollacott (180) , whilst Chris Graham and Clive Dix for the Greyhound won and have both lost only 1 game. Crown Exiles took the opportunity to replace Riverside B at the top, but only just as they beat Tyning 16-10 and needed the Pairs to be sure with Lance Coleman and Scotty continuing their great form -both winning singles with Scotty putting an end to Lee Gregory's perfect record - one of the few that remained. Gary Witcombe hit his 4th 15 dart leg of the season sneaking past Rob Kemp 3-2. Kate Hulme and Andy Biggs the other winners.

The big High Littleton derby went the way of the 'Rec' team 16-10. Craig Britten hit his 5th 180 in winning singles and Lee Shave had his 1st singles win. Alex Todd and John Roberts had good singles wins for the 'B' team.

Norton had a good 17-8 win over Crown Jewells to move above them in the table. Andy (180) and Glyn Bryant both won singles along with Julian Beale whilst for the Jewells John Lilley (180) kept his perfect record and Tom Davis won his 6th singles at the expense of Neil Raikes' (180) 2nd loss. Gary James hit a 120 check.

The Red Post teams had max points wins against the bottom two teams the Dolphin and WunderHounds which included a 14 darts leg and a 180 for Kalem Marsh and a 180 for Matt Warren.

The legend Les Robbins in action in the High Littleton Derby!


In a re-arranged match played on Wednesday there was a last leg decider between Riverside B and Red Post B which 2014 Pairs winners Ash Sandon-James and Paul Blackstone won for the Post! Steve Hoddinott (140 check) and Darren Wilkins had won the 1st pairs over Matt Warren and Andy Wilcox to keep the scores level going into the last pairs.  Ash hit a 125 check and 180 in keeping his perfect singles record and Matt Warren kept his despite dropping his 1st leg of the year to Steve Hoddinott. Andy Wilcox remains unbeaten whilst Sam Hoddinott and Darren Wilkins won singles for the Riverside B.  On Tuesday meanwhile the Post beat the Greyhound 18-6 with Ash hitting a 13 dart leg !  Red Post A took an 18-5 win over the Riverside A but at the expense of a perfect singles record for Chris Allen who lost to Ian Morris. High Littleton Rec beat the Tyning 16-11 with the singles going to form with myself, Craig Britten, Scotty (180) and Lance Coleman all winning  and all having lost once this season. The Tyning's Landlord Roy Hill was the other singles winner, his 3rd of the season. Riverside B had a hard fought 16-12 win over the Railway A on Tuesday with Mike Turner (105) and Colin Hurle beating the Wilkin's father and son whilst the Hoddinott's father and son team won their singles. Marty Simmons hit a 180 in his winning singles.   The Crown Exiles Once again got max points, this time vs the Dolphin which protects Lee Gregory's perfect record so far. High Littleton B came through 17-14 vs the Crossways where every game went 3-2 or 3-1. with Graham Chun and Matt Knight picking up their 4th wins of the season. 


The Crown Exiiles got max points, 21-10, against The Greyhound to move above them in the table and go top with Red Post teams having postponed games. Gary Witcombe hit a 115 in ending Mark Gould's 100% record . Lee Gregory maintained his perfect record and Tony Dunscombe hit a 180. Meanwhile the Jewell's beat Riverside A 17-11 with John Lilley keeping his perfect record up and Tom Davis winning his 4th in 5.  Dave Jewell made his 1st start of the season for the Riverside and hot a 104 check on his way to a singles win, Mark Colbourne was the other singles winner for the Riverside A.  Norton Legion  won a tough 14-10  game vs High Littleton B with the game still undecided going into the last pairs. Julian Beale and Neil Raikes won their 5th games of the season and Mat Knight and Graham Chun (180)  won singles games for High Littleton. The High Littleton Rec beat the Dolphin 18-6 with myself (180 ) and Craig Britten (180 - his 4th) winning 5 out of 6 while Austin Hudd won the Dolphin's singles game, his 3rd of the year. 


Red Post A in dropped points shock!! They did however overcome the Crown Jewells 18-6 with Mike Brickell hitting a 15 dart leg to maintain his perfect record whilst John Lilley kept his as he became the first player to win a singles against the Red Post this season, inflicting a 1st loss on Kalem Marsh while Tom Davis went down fighting losing his 100% record to Chris Allen 3-2

A great top of the table clash was won 16-14 by Riverside B over the Exiles but they had to win the last pairs game 3-0 to do it courtesy of Steve Hoddinott and Darren Wilkins! Gary Witcombe lost his perfect record , 2-3 to Sam Hoddinott despite a 15 dart leg and 2 180's! whilst Lee Gregory protected his 100% record to go top of the players table and Jamie Bown remains unbeaten. There was a 118 check for Mark Branson and 180's for Brian Wilkins and Stu Wollacott.  Norton Social Club carried on their move up the league and overcame Tyning 18-10 but at the expense of another perfect record with Neil Raikes falling 3-2 to Lance Coleman whilst Julian Beale and Dave Kemp both won their 4th games. Glyn Bryant hit a 110 check. The Greyhound maintain their excellent debut season coming through 16-10 against High Littleton Rec with Mark Gould and Chris Graham remaining unbeaten whilst myself and Craig Britten managed our 4th wins for the season. Crossways picked up their 1st win against Dolphin Inn with Joe Davies picking up his 2nd win and Kerry Langan her first of the season whilst for the Dolphin there wins for the Hudd's, Austin and Pat. High Littleton B overcame the Wunderhounds 21-3 with Graham Woodham remaining unbeaten.

Week 4

Top of the table clash saw Red Post B keep their unbeaten record at the expense of The Exiles losing theirs. The Post took an impressive 19 points dropping only 2 points in the singles and winning both pairs 3 zip. Lee Gregory and Gary Witcombe just kept their unbeaten records going winning 3-2 while Ash Sandon James hit a 14 darter and 2 180's winning his singles 3-0 to keep up his streak. Ryan Palmer and Mark Branson hit 180's but lost their singles.  The Jewell's remain unbeaten with a 19-9 win over The Railway where they only lost max points in the pairs, whilst the Railway picked up good points losing 3 singles by just the odd leg. Tom Davis (180) and John Lilley remain unbeaten. Dan Coombes hit a 114 check.  
High Littleton B also won an impressive 19 points against Riverside A including 4 singles wins. Graham Woodham hit a 107 check in his unbeaten start to the season and debutant Alex Todd hit 104 losing to the Riverside's Paul Carpenter. At the Riverside the B team reversed that result vs High Littleton Rec, including a whitewash in the pairs winning 17-6 to go top with the Red Post A having a bye. Good 3-0 singles wins for the Hoddinott's and Marty Simmons but the only player who had max points on either team coming into the game, Stu Wollacott lost a close game against myself (104 check). Craig Britten hit his 3rd 180 and won 3-0 . Norton continued their climb up the table getting max points against the Dolphin who picked up 5 points along the way. Kev Williams hit a 180 while taking a leg off Neil Raikes and Julian Beale a 112 check.  The Greyhound were also back on track against Crossways including a 100 check for Mark Gould in his 3rd win of the season to remain unbeaten.  The Crossways singles win was thanks to Joe Davies. Tyning Inn collected their first win of the season,  a 19-5 win over WunderHounds, who continue to pick up points, this time a singles win for Natalie Buckland and 2 legs for Charlotte Keevill.  

Week 3

Red Post A continue to not drop a point but High littleton B managed to take some points themselves,  Colin Clark hit a 14 dart leg in a tight 3-2 win over Graham Chun and Andy Hughes (180, 120) dropped his first leg to Matt Knight. The Riverside B are very close behind with max points against Crossways and the highest check of the season so far - 154 for Darren Wilkins. Stu Wollacott is one of only 3 players left having won 3 games 3-0.  The Exiles won 18-8 with Gary Witcombe (180) and Lee Gregory keeping 100% records although Mike Turner stopped max points by winning his singles 3-0. The Dolphin enjoyed their 1st win of the season with a late night battle against the Wunderhounds - who won their first singles game thanks to captain Charlotte Keevill.  A depleted Greyhound meanwhile lost their 1st game against Norton Social Club who in turn won their 1st, Neil Raikes remains unbeaten and Barrie Witcombe won the Greyhounds only singles.  Unbeaten runs came to end for myself against Matt Warren (another 100% 3-0 winner) when the Post B won 17-8 up the Rec. but two HL players did win singles: Craig Britten, who hit 2 180's and a 120 check winning 3-0 whilst Marq Matthews won his 1st singles of the season.  At 11-8 down the Rec fancied their chances (not really!) until being whitewashed in the pairs.  Pairs were also decisive for the Riverside A who came through 17-11 against the Tyning. The battle of the Captains saw Scotty come through to inflict a first defeat on Colby (180). 

Week 2

New boys The Greyhound leapt to 2nd in the league by racing  past the Wunderhounds in the Greyhound Derby (!!) Riverside B had an impressive 18-11 win over Norton Social Club to send out an early season statement of intent! The match had seven 180's including 2 for Andy Bryant and Steve Hoddinott, despite losing their singles games! Stu Wollacott and Julian Beale hit 180's in winning their singles games whilst Neil Raikes added one in the pairs and maintained his 100% record.  High Littleton B started their season with a narrow 15-17 loss to Crown Jewells which was still in the balance in the last pairs. Gary Witcombe hit another 14 dart leg, including a 180 as the Exiles beat High Littleton Rec, although the Rec did manage to come from 12-0  down to lose 17-9  which included winning both pairs. 180's for Jamie Bown and myself in pairs games.  The Red Post teams had comfortable wins and means the A team go top and maintain their 100% single and pairs records, inlcuding Kalem Marsh who hit a 117. Whilst the B team's win over Crossways included 134/102 checks for Matt Warren/Andy Wilcox  Ash Sandon-James managed to 'hit' 169 after Mark Furber left him it !  Riverside A bounced back with a big  20-4 win over Dolphin Inn with Ian Morris and Mark Colbourne remaining unbeaten and Dolphin captain Kev Williams stopping the max points by winning his singles. Here is Kev and the new Dolphin Team in front of the new Darts Corner in the Dolphin Inn, thanks for the photo! :)  

Week 1

A good start for defending champions Red Post A who beat new boys Dolphin Inn, including Maximums for Kailem Marsh and Mike Bicknell (Making his Paulton league debut) and a 115 check for Colin Clarke.  The closest game was Red Post B sneaking past Norton Social Club 14-13 with league debuts for Matt Warren and Ryan Palmer. There were 180's for Julian Beale and Ash Sandon-James and a 108 check for Neil Raikes. New team The Greyhound won their first match, beating Riverside A which included a 180 for their Captain Chris Dando with his first 3 darts! a feat repeated by another Captain, Brian Wilkins during his teams win over the Wunderhounds!  The Crown teams both had 1st week wins with Gary Witcombe  (Exiles) hitting the seasons first sub 15 dart leg and a 180  when his team beat The Crossways, which included a return for Dean Young who won his sides only singles.  There were high checks for Tom Davis (116) and Jamie Bown (105).  Finally , High Littleton Rec beat the Railway A in the deciding Pairs game, the game also featured returns to the League for Craig Britten and Marq Matthews. 


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