80 years of Tuesday night darts in the Midsomer Norton area


5th January - Results and League Table updated (players table still o/s as it needs to be split)

NEW FIXTURES!!!  See Below..

Please note that we have pushed back all singles/pairs etc until the end of the season to give us the best chance of finishing the league. This also gives teams time to submit pairs/singles etc at the Feb meeting.

There are two games outstanding which have been allowed to be carried over only because they have no impact on the  split of the league. One game had to be forfeited because it could not be arranged this week and would have impacted the split.

With regards the fixtures note that due to the splitting of the league, having multiple teams at a venue and due to byes, that it is virtually impossible to arrange it so that all teams where they say played a team home in the 1st half of the season that you then play them away in the 2nd half of the season. 

Note the Lamb are now playing at Welton Rovers FC


2018/19 Season Highlights

See the History page for all the 2018/19 results and photos. Click HERE! 

Martin Sawyer Champion Singles Trophy 2019

Julian Beale has won the Martin Sawyer trophy for the first time and is very well deserved having been a top local player for many years. He beat reigning champion Kalem Marsh in the final who, after being the youngest champion last year may well have been beaten by the oldest champion!