The Competitions

PAIRS - 8th march

Highlighted pairs qualified


Wollacott/D Wilkins
A Biggs/L Coleman
M Chiswell/S Clarke
A Wilcox/A Clarke
D James/J Green
J Lilley/T Davis
M Turner/D Coombes
S Baxter/D Scammel
M Colbourne/C Gunningham
B Powney/A Codgell
J Beale/A Beale
G Hancock/B Gilvray
S Kirby/C Hancock
R Meadows/C Wilcox
G Chun/ G Woodham
M Knight/ K Shave
A Todd/ C Stead
M Sampson/A Stock

Norton Social Club 
C Barrow/D Kingman
C Hurle/T Jones
C Gilvray/N Beattie
I Chard/P Carpenter
C Allen/M Gould
A Hughes/S Ayres
C Clarke/M Brickell
G Easton/S Hillier
D Swarbrick/J Swarbrick
L Shave/ J Roberts
N Raikes/ A Bryant
G Bryant/P Blackstone
D Kemp/T Carlow
L Robinson/M Hillier
Sam Hoddinott/L Smith
B Wilkins/J Ashman
L Gregory/K Hulme
C Britten/ M Matthews
cl Dando/ C Graham

SINGLES - 15th March

Officials are starred. Best of 5. One player from each venue to qualify


MAIN KO 2021/22 Final:

Railway vs Walde A

SUB CUP 2021/22 Final:

The Star  vs Norton Social Club

MAIN KO 2021/22 2nd Round:

Westhill   v    Railway
Waldegrave A  v   Waldegrave B
Crown Exiles  v    Riverside B
Lamb v  BYE

SUB CUP 2021/22 1st Round
Norton Social Club  v   Crown Jewells
Red Post  v   Dolphin A
Riverside A  v   The Star
Dolphin B  v  BYE

MAIN KO 2021/22 1st Round

Waldegrave B  v     Red Post
 Riverside B     v    Norton Social Club
Railway        v  Dolphin A
Crown Jewells   v   Westhill
The Lamb     v  Riverside A
The Star  v   Waldegrave A
Dolphin B      v  Crown Exiles

The rules are different in the KO.  ALL games are Best of 3. You get a point per game (not leg) so the match is a best of 7. It is a random draw in the singles. Normal pairs rules. Alternate Markers and starts. Toss up to see who throws and marks first . 


Blind Pairs (December)

We introduced a seeded Blind Pairs comp in 2012 and it has been a great success and always runs the week before xmas. All played in one venue with Pairs made up at random from all players who turn up. Pairs are drawn from 2 'pots' with one pot of players from the top half of the players table and the other pot from the bottom half.  It's a great competition and means anyone can win!

Martin Sawyer Champion Singles 


Played to a winner on one night. Format is a  singles game, a pairs game and a three's leg if needed

Tony Townsend Memorial Pairs

Ladies/Over 50's