2018/19 Season


The League winners were the Red Post  who have now won the league as a team in various guises for the last 8 years. The first of  year was at Peasedown Cricket Club after which the team moved to Red Post. The team is captained by Chris Allen who, along with Andy Hughes Jnr and Snr are the only players to be in the winning team for all 8 seasons. Colin Clark (6) the next longest serving. with Kalem Marsh, Mike Bricknell, Matt Warren and Lee Paradise joining more recently. 

The full Red Post A team for 2018/2019 was: Chris Allen (c); Andy 'Boy' Hughes; Colin Clark; Kalem Marsh; Mike Brickell; Lee Paradise; Andy Hughes Snr, Matt Warren. 

The Main KO was this year won by The Crown Exiles who beat Riverside B in the final

League Runners Up were the returning Waldegrave A side captained once again by Allan Clarke which also had Steve Clarke; Andy Wilcox, Jon Green, Kev Hardy and Mike Chiswell. Third place were Riverside B captained by Brian Wilkins and in 4th were the Crown Exiles captained by Andy Biggs, both teams repeating their positions from the previous season.   

Division one line up was completed by Norton Social Club, captained by Andy Bryant,  High Littleton Rec captained by Greg Easton were were 6th and the Waldegrave B captained by Charles Gilvray  followed in 7th. 

Subsidiary Cup was won by Norton Social Club  beating Waldegrave A

DIVISION TWO was won by the Crown Jewells captained by Sarah Allen.  The team included John Lilley, Tom Davis, Darren Kingman; Matt Young, Gary James and Mark Hillier.

Runners up were the Crosshounds captained by Chris Dando and Westhill captained by Matt Knight finished in 3rd as they did the previous season. 

Division Two was completed by Mark Colbourn's team Riverside A followed by last years Division 2 winners Railway A captained by Colin Hurle. next was Scotty's team the  Tyning in 6th and the wooden spoon winners were the Crossways captained by Landlord Bob Bridges.

Martin Sawyer Champion Singles Trophy 

Winner Julian Beale

Julian Beale was a deserved Singles winner after many years as a top local player, he might well be the oldest player to win it.... Singles Runnner Up was Kalem Marsh who came so close to defending his title having been the youngest player to win it last year.  Julian defeated Chris Allen in the Semi finals and Kalem beat Steve Hoddinott. 

Matt Warren (to Kalem),  Charles Gilvray (to Julian), Sam Hoddinott  (to Chris) and Mike Bricknell (to Steve) were the losing Qtr finalists

Tony Townsend Memorial Pairs

Winners: Lee Gregory and Gary Witcombe

Lee Gregory and Gary Witcombe won the Pairs for the 3rd time in 4 years! They beat fellow Red Post team of Mike Bricknell and Lee Paradise who also lost in the final last year!
Lee and Gary defeated  Steve Hoddinott and Brian Wilkins in the first semi final and it was Mike and Lee who put out Colin Clarke and Andy Hughes. 

Techniglaze Cup

The Techniglaze Cup, the unique, never tried before format of a Team KO all one night with a format  of 1 leg singles and pairs double in-double out, was this year won by the Riverside B who beat the Red Post in the final.

OVER 50's and LADIES

Winners: Chris Allen and Kate Dando

Chris Allen beat Julian Beale in the final of the Over 50's to gain revenge for his singles defeat to Julian. Kate Hulme continued her dominance of the Ladies title with her 6th title in a row. She once again defeated Paula Hoddinott.

Blind Pairs

The Blind Pairs, the seeded pairs double in format that anyone can win! 
This years winners were Kalem Marsh and Alex Todd, they beat Andy Biggs and Gary Witcombe in a great final!

Players Performance Awards 

Most 180's - Julian Beale
Highest Check was shared with 2 170 checks! Well done Andy Biggs and Mike Chiswell (Allan Clarke)
Most sub 15 dart legs was Steve Hoddinott
Division One top Player - Chris Allen
Division 2 top player- John lilley (Tom Davis picked up the award in his absence