The League

Division 2:

Crown Jewells have won the second division by one point from the CrossHounds, who themselves were just one point ahead of Westhill! The Jewells did it with two commanding wins over the last two weeks. The first was a 15-9 win over The Railway where Tom Davis hit a great 156 check in beating Tony Jones and Colin Hurle a 106 as he beat Gary James. John Lilley is Division Two top player as he won his last two games of the season 3-0, but he only did it on leg difference ahead of Grahame Chun! In their second game the Jewells took a max points win over the Tyning who had a bad day at the office picking up 2 legs from Scotty and one in the pairs. Tom Davis had a 180 and John Lilley hit one in a 15 dart leg.

The CrossHounds' last game was a 14-8 win over the Tyning but was 1 leg short of the target, and with a better leg difference that's all they would have needed. There were wins on the nigh for Chris and Julie Dando, Chris Graham and Mark Gould while Scotty picked up the Tyning singles win before the Tyning went on to win both pairs 2-1 to seal the Hounds' fate.

Westhill did all they could in the last 2 weeks with a max points win against the Crossways followed by a 14-10 win over the Railway with wins for Alex Todd over Dan Coombes and Graham Chun, who hit a 15 dart leg in beating Tony Jones, and a 180 the week before. Both were 3-0 wins. Matt Knight lost a tight game to Colin Hurle but Dan Greening won a tight one against Geoff Fuller with Mike Turner beating Colin Stead in the last singles before the pairs were shared.

The Riverside finished up in 4th as they beat Crossways 16-8 to finish ahead of the Railway. Wins for Paul Carpenter, Ian Morris, Chris Gunningnam and Mark Colbourne while Cliff Clarke beat Ivor Chard 3-2.

Division 1:

Norton Social Club beat Crown Exiles 16-14 in a tight game that not only meant that both teams stayed ahead of High Littleton but that incredibly mean the Exiles stayed ahead of Norton in the league by leg difference! They both finished level of points meaning that Lee Gregory and Andy Biggs in the last pairs needed 1 leg to get 4th place which they just managed! There were wins for Glyn Bryant and Andy Bryant, who finished 5th in the players table, in the singles but the Exiles were ahead after the singles with wins for Bromey over Julian Beale (180) and for Gary Witcombe and Lee Gregory before Norton hit back to win both pairs but to come up short by one leg.

High Littleton travelled to the Walde and beat the A team 15-12 in a game that kept swinging one way then the other and was level after the singles. There were 3-0 wins for Steve Clarke, who finished 4th in players table, and Andy Wilcox (180) over Ash Sandon-James and Craig Britten respectively,but 3-0 wins for myself over Dean James and a 3-1 win for Steve Hillier (180) over Mike Chiswell, who lost only his third game of the season but got the one leg he needed to finish second in the players table. The closest game was a 3-2 win for Marq Mathews over (180) Alan Clarke who nearly fought back from 2-0 to win. HL then took both pairs to close the win but it was enough for the Walde to secure 2nd place.

Red Post were confirmed last week as winners of the league with Walde A runners up. If the league had run seperately in after teh split then Riverside B would have won it ahead of High Littleton! 


The Red Post team have won the league for a record 7th time in a row, the 1st was as Peasedown CC. They played 2 matches in the week, one was the final game brought forward vs Riverside B. The Walde A will pick up the runners up spot as long as they get 2 legs in their final game.

The Red Post played their regular week 6 game away to the Crown Exiles where there was a brilliant 13-13 draw with Matt Warren and Colin Clarke winning the last two legs to come back and draw the match. Matt (180) had earlier beaten Lee Gregory (2 x 180's) but Colin had lost 3-0 to Bromey (180). Gary Witcombe with a 14 dart leg and a 180 was the other singles winner for the Crown over Kalem Marsh. Andy Hughes (180) and Chris Allen were the other singles winners with Chris hitting 2 180's.

The Red Post then played at home to Riverside B and won the league in style with a commanding 18-9 win. there was a clean sweep in the singles and the first two games decided the players table with Chris Allen beating Stu Wollacott and Steve Hoddinott losing to Matt Warren who finishes the season unbeaten after 15 singles, the only player to do so having played more than 4 games. . Well done to Chris Allen who tops the players table for the first time since 2013. Kalem Marsh hit a 126 check in beating Sam Hoddinott and Colin Clarke a 180 in a tight 3-2 win over Darren Wilkins.

There were 4 sub 15 dart legs as Walde B just lost out 12-15 to Norton. Julian Beale (180) hit 2 of them, a 15 and a 14 dart leg in an impressive 3 legs against Nathan Beattie. Not to be out done the Walde B singles winners Shane Cook hit a 142 check, followed by a 107 check in a 15 dart leg as he beat Lance Coleman 3-2 followed by Alex Stock had a 15 dart leg against Ade Beale in winning 3-0. Good wins for Andy Bryant and Neil Raikes had meant a little too much for the Walde B to do as they shared the pairs points.

Walde A virtually sealed the 2nd place by beating rivals Riverside B 18-10 with most of the damage done in the pairs after they built on a 12-8 singles lead. Steve Clarke hit yet another high check, this time his best, 147, in beating Stu Wollacott and Alan Clarke hit a 112 in going down 3-2 to Steve Hoddinott who hit 2 10's. Sam Hoddintt beating Jon Green and Brian WIlkins narrowly losing to Andy WIlcox was keeping the game tight but the in form Mike Chiswell beat Darren Wilkins 3-0. Even if Mike wins 3-0 tonight he will fall just short of top place in the players table by a single leg on leg difference!

2nd Division:  One game was postponed and I don't think I have had the other two card!  But I could be wrong so please let me know!!


The Red Post all but sealed the First division title with a comfortable 20-5 win over the Walde B with only a dropped point in the singles as Shane Cook beat Colin Clarke in a tight 3-2 game. Matt Warren (180) hit a brilliant 12 dart and a 15 dart leg in his game over Jamie Lake (180)! Chris Allen's win took him top of the players table on leg difference!

Riverside B beat High Littleton Rec after racing into a 9-2 lead thanks to wins for Stu Wollacott (180x2) and the Hoddinotts over myself, Paul Heal and Marq Matthews. The Rec came back into it with wins for Steve Hillier and Craig Britten (180) over Brian and Darren Wilkins but with both Wilkins' picking up legs it gave a the Riverside B a 12-8 lead which they maintained in the Pairs to win 16-12 overall. This was enough to move them into second ahead of the Exiles by one point before their tough last game against the Red Post.

The Walde A beat the Exiles in a tight game in which they came from behind in the last pairs, thanks to Steve Clarke and MIke Chiswell to win 15-13 overall. Steve started the night winning 3-0 with a great 15 dart leg and a 118 check, he has now hit 7 high checks this season, the most by far! MIke also won his singles in a tight 3-2 win over Andy Biggs but slips to 2nd in the players table on leg diff.erence with two weeks to go. Other wins for Alan Clarke over Bromey, Lee Gregory over Jon Green and Gary Witcombe over Andy Wilcox.

Westhill beat the Riverside A 17-8 with wins in 4 singles, including Alex Todd (180), Jon Roberts and Grahame Chun who both won 3-0, Grahame over Chris Gunningham who hit a 180. Colin Stead (109) beat Ian Morris 3-1. Mark Colbourne beat Graham Woodham 3-2 for the Riverside. The highlight of the night though was an incredible 12 dart pairs laeg for Colby and Ian Morris which Colby finished off with a 143 check! I think the leg was 140-78-140-143!

The Railway beat the Crosshounds in a low scoring game with damaged the Crosshounds chase for the title. It was a game that came down to the last leg when the game was poised at 10-10 as Mike Turner and Geoff Fuller took the last leg. All but one singles game went 3-0 with wins for Colin Hurle and Geoff Fuller for the Railway and Chris Dando, Chris Graham and Mark Gould for the Crosshounds.

There were no problems for the Crown Jewell's as they beat the Crossways 18-6 to edge ahead of Westhill by one point as both teams give themselves an outside chance of catching the CrossHounds. The highlight was 2 180's for Tom Davis, and John Lilley winning to stay top of the players table ahead of Grahame Chun on leg difference.

Week 4

Norton Social Club beat the Red Post 15-11 with the damage done in the pairs, in part thanks to a great 14 dart pairs leg from Lance Coleman (180) and Neil Raikes! The singles was edged by the Post going 10-9 up with wins for Mike Bricknell over Lance, Chris Allen 3-1 over Julian Beale (180), only Julian's 3rd loss and Andy Hughes over Andy Bryant, only his 3rd loss of the season as well! Norton had Aidy Beale (180) over Andy Hughes Senior and Neil Raikes over Colin Clarke to thank for singles wins.

Crown Exiles went down at home to the High Littleton Rec who crept into a 11-9 lead after the singles only to run away with the pairs 6-1 to win 17-10. Kate Hulme and Lee G over myself (121) and Paul Heal respectively were early singles winners for Exiles but two good 3-0 / 3-1 wins for Marq Mathews and Steve Hillier over Bromey and Gary Witcombe respectively turned the tide and Craig Britten (104) finished the singles with a tight 3-2 win over Chris Daniels.

There was a great high scoring game at the Waldegrave as the A and B team drew 15-15 but the A team had to come back from 3 points down after the singles to do it, and had to win the last leg of the night to draw level as Steve Clarke and Mike Chiswell beat Alex Stock and Shane Cook 3-2 in the last pairs game! The result puts the Walde A level on points with Riverside B in second place. B team singles wins came from Nathan Beattie, 3-2 over Steve Clarke (127) plus Charles Gilvray and Alex Stock over Jon Green (180) and Andy Wilcox. the B team picked up useful points in losing singles games to Alan Clarke who beat Darren Scammel and in form Mike Chiswell who beat Shane Cook 3-1.

All change at the top of the players table as Mike now moves to the top alongside Chris Allen as they both benifit from Kalem Marsh being unavailabe, Steve Hoddinott with a bye and a loss by Julian Beale.

Westhill picked up a good win against the Crown Jewells to move to level with them in joint 2nd. They won 3 of first 4 singles dropping only one point with wins for Alex Todd over Matt Young, a great 3 -0 win for Colin Stead over Tom Davies and Grahame Chun who hit a 13 dart leg and a 104 check in winning a good game against top of the players table John Lilley and is now level on points. Gary James beat Jon Roberts (180) and Darren Kingman won 3-1 against Matt Knight. The Pairs were then shared with Westhill winning 14-11.

A game from last week saw Crosshounds beat Westhill 16-8 with wins for Chris Dando and Clayton (180) , who beat Grahame Chun 3-2 ,Mark Gould and Chris Graham (180) while Jon Roberts for Westhill beat Barrie Witcombe (115). The CrossHounds then picked up maximum points this week with a win over the Crossways as they put day light between them and the Jewells in the race to the 2nd division title. There was a 180 for Mark Gould and wins for Julie, Chris and Clayton Dando as well as Chris Graham.

RIverside A had a good win over the Tyning 15-6 and those 6 points came thanks to Scotty and Chris Fry. Railway winners were Mark Colbourne, C Gunningham and Ian Morris. In a re-arranged game The Railway beat the Tyning 16-6 with Scotty (now level at the top of the players table with John Lilley and Grahame Chun) the singles winner for Tyning and then he partnered Carole White to win the last pairs game. Mike Turner, Tony Jones, Dan Coombes and Colin Hurle all winners for the Railway.

Week 3 

Riverside B keep some pressure on Red Post with a 16-10 win over Crown Exiles with Pairs being crucial as they took 6 out of 7 points to win after a tight set of singles where they trailed 10-9. Lee Gregory (112) and Gary Witcombe overcame the Hoddinott's, which was Steve's only second loss of the season as he stays at the top of the players table on leg diff. A win also for Andy Biggs and for the Riverside's Stu Wollacott and Brian Wilkins over Kate Hulme and Chris Daniels respectively .

High Littleton Rec beat Walbe B convincingly 17-9 to remind the top 5 that they are hot on their heals as they temporarily move ahead of the Exiles having played a game more. Steve Hillier overturned his loss to Shane Cook on the first night of the season to win 3-0 and Marq Mathews beat cousin Charles Gilvray. Alex Stock was the sole singles winner for the Walde B with a good win over Craig Britten. Most importantly Mascot Paul Heal won his first singles of the year in beating Darren Scammel in an entertaining game!

There was a high quality game at the Waldegrave as Pairs were crucial once again in creating a big win as the A team beat Norton Social Club 16-8 to keep within reach of the top 2. Steve Clarke led the way with a 15 dart leg in beating Adrian Beale 3-0 only to see Allan Clarke (180) to suffer the same scoreline against the in form Julian Beale (2x180) who is at the top of the Players Table alongside Steve Hoddinott and Kalem Marsh. Andy Wilcox (180) (vs Lance Coleman) and Mike Chiswell (180) were other singles winners for Walde A while Andy Bryant (180) was a winner for Norton who were in touch after the singles but won only one point in the pairs.

Only 1 division 2 game played but it was a good win for Riverside A over Crown Jewells as once again the damage was done in the pairs as Riverside went from 10-10 after the singles to win 14-10! There were singles wins for Ian Morris, C Gunningham (3-2 over John Lilley who survives at the top pf the players table) and Dom Grass over Darren Kingman whilst Matt Young and Gary James were the Jewell's singles winners

Week 2

Division 1: Waldegrave A had a brilliant 17-10 win over the Red Post, possibly the lowest points haul for the Post since this coring system was introduced. Steve Clarke (180) kicked things off with a 3-0 win over Chris Allen (180x2), only his 2nd loss, and Steve hit a 123 check, his 5th high check of the season. Matt Warren (116) remains unbeaten beating Alan Clarke. Jon Green then beat top of the players table Kalem Marsh 3-2, Kalem's third loss of the season. The damage was really done then with back to back 3-0 wins for the Walde for Andy Wilcox and Mike Chiswell over Andy Hughes and Colin Clarke respectively. The pairs points were then all shared 5 each.

High Littleton travelled to Norton and after taking a slender 1 point lead into the pairs ran out 16-12 winners with 2 pairs wins. Norton got off to a flyer with a tight win for Ade Beale over Alan Blackstone followed by Julian Beale (127) beating Paul Heal 3-0. HL bounced back with a 3-0 win for me over Lance Coleman before Andy Bryant took a tight 3-2 win over Steve Hillier. Craig Britten's 3-0 win over Glyn Bryant then gave HL the slender advantage going into the pairs.

Riverside B closed the gap on the Red Post with a comfortable 16-11 win over Walde B with singles wins for Stu Wollacott (130), Sam Hoddinott (180) over Charles Gilvray (103) , Brian Wilkins and Steve Hoddinott who celebrated going top of the players table with a hit a 14 dart leg. Shane Cook was the Walde B's singles winner. Each team took a pairs game each.

Division 2: Top of the table clash saw the Crown Jewells take a slender 13-12 win in a match that came to the last leg against Division 2 table toppers The CrossHounds. With the Jewell's having a game in hand it keeps the division too close to call. Julie Dando took the first singles for teh Hounds beating Darren Kingman before John Lilley and Tom Davis gave the Jewells the lead only to see it lost again as Chris Graham and Mark Gould comfortably won their games. The one point lead for the Hounds was overcome by two 2-1 pairs wins for the Jewells.

There was another really tight game as Riverside A beat Railway 12-11. Riverside took the first 2 singles as Paul Carpenter and C Gunningham overcame Tony Jones and Geoff Fuller before Dan Coombes (111) hit back winning as dd Mike Turner with a 3-0 win over Mark Colbourne. Ian Morris (180, his 4th of the season) then gave Riverside the lead with a good 3-0 won over Colin Hurle which proved decisive as the first pairs win secured the game.

The Tyning came away form the Crossways with a 14-10 win having got off to a good start with wins for Will Wiltshire and Tony Carlow before Crossways hit back with a 3-0 win for Kerry Langham over ROb Kemp. Father Dave then got his revenge with a 3-0 win before Barry Gilvray took a 3-1 win in the last singles, but it was not enough as Tyning took both pairs to secure the win.

Week 1

Division 1:  High Littleton and the Red Post battled to 13-13 draw as the Red Post took the last 2 legs to come back from 2 down in the last pairs. The Post got off to a good start with Mike Bricknell beating Paul Heal and Chris Allen coming back from 2 down to beat Ash Sandon-James (180), his first loss of the season. Kalem Marsh then beat myself 3-1 before HL came back into it with a 3-0 win for Steve Hillier over Colin Clarke and a 3-1 win for Craig Britten over Andy Hughes. Ash and myself then got revenge over Chris and Kalem winning the first pairs 3-0 before the Post fightback in the last pairs.

Riverside B had a good 17-11 win over Norton Social Club as Stu Wollacott, with a 15 dart leg, beat ANdy Bryant, only his 2nd loss of the season, 3-1, whcih was folllowed by 3-0 wins for the Hoddinott's oevr Lance Colema and Ade Beale. Julian Beale hit back with a 3-0 win over Brian WIlkins before Darren beat Glyn Bryant 3-2. The pairs were then shared .

The Crown Exiles pciked up 20 points against the Walde B as the only dropped point was Tony Dunscome going 3-2 down to Nathan Beattie. Bromey (180) and Lee Gregory had tight 3-2 wins over Jamie Lake and Alex Stock respectivuley while Kate Hulme and Gary Witcombe (180) had more comfortable 3-0 wins.

Division 2: Westhill struggled to a 12-10 win over the Tyning in a low scoring game. Tyning got off to a perfect 6-0 start thanks to wins for Scotty and Chris Fry over Jon Roberts and Matt Knight respectively before Westhill took the next three singles with wins for Grahame Chun, now 2nd in the Div 2 players table, Alex Todd and Graham Woodham.

Railway A beat the Crossways 18-7, picking up points in all games and losing only one singles as Gavin Hancock beat Steve Ball 3-2 , and losing one pair 2-1. The Railways singles winners were Dan Coombes, Tony Jones, Geoff Fuller and Captain Colin Hurle who is 3rd in the players table. 

The CrossHounds put aside an early singles loss as J Dando went down 3-0 to Paul Carpenter(118) before winning the rest of the games to eventually win 16-9. Chris and Clayton Dando both won while Chris Graham took a tight 3-2 win over Mark Colbourne and Mark Gould beat Ian Morris 3-1.

Week 13

The last week of the first part of the season finishes with Red Post still in control at the top and the Walde B expected to finish 7th, but, I don't think I have had their card yet! They needed 9 points from playing the Tyning...The second division looks like it will be incredibly tight with 2 points separating the top 3 teams and in the first division 5 points separated 2nd down to 5th.

A great top of the table clash between Riverside B and Red Post came down to the last leg. Riverside got off to a great start with a Stu Wollacott (142) 3-0 win over Mike Brickell and a 3-2 win for Sam Hoddinot (2x180) over Kalem Marsh, only Kalem's 2nd defeat but who still leads the players table on leg difference from Chris Allen after Chris had a tight 3-2 win over Steve Hoddinott (180 + 102) who is now just behind in the table. The Post bounced back with a 3-0 win for Andy Hughes which included a 14 dart leg and a 180 before Colin Clarke took a tight 3-2 win over Darren Wilkins (100). The Red Post lost their lead in the 1st pairs with Stu and Sam beating Chris and Kalem but needing a 3-1 win in eth 2nd pair the Post pair of Andy and Colin duly delivered to take a 15-14 win.

A second match featuring top 4 teams was between the Walde A and Norton Social club, which again came down to the last leg! A great start from Norton saw them take the first 3 singles as Julian Beale took a narrow 3-2 win over Steve Clarke (180), followed by Lance Coleman and Andy Bryant over Dean James and Alan Clarke respectively. Over the singles and pairs Julian hit 2 180's, and a 127 and a 120 check! The Walde A hit back with wins for Andy Wilcox and Mike Chiswell over Glyn Bryant and Adie Beale (112) to narrow the gap to 3 points. Both pairs went the way of the Walde A as they closed the gap to draw 15-15 after Alan and Andy beat Adie and Lance in the last pairs!

With only 5 points between them in the league the Railway A against Riverside A was always going to be close but this one again came down to the last leg! this time it could not have been closer with leg score 2-2 and the match score 12-12.... The first 4 singles were shared 3-0 wins. Paul Carpenter and Colby (180) for the Riverside and Colin Hurle and Dan Coombes (180) for the Railway. Mike Turner took the last 3-1 to give the Railway a point lead which the Riverside bridged after the 1st pair. It was then Ian Morris and Paul up against Colin and Tony Jones in the last pair which came down to the last leg which Ian and Paul won for the Riverside!

The Crown Jewells comfortably beat the Crossways 19-4, which keeps them in 8th, now top of the second division by leg difference. But the night was dominated by a brilliant 11 dart leg for Tom Davis! It included s 180's and a 100 finish!! Its the joint best leg we have had since we started recording 15 dart legs, well done Tom! The Jewells won 4 out of the 5 singles, including Tom of course, and John Lilley, who will be top player in Division 2 once the table is split. Cliffe Clarke recording his first win of the season for the Crossways.

The Crown Exiles took advantage of the top 4 all playing each other to edge closer to them with a 18-9 win over the Crosshounds, and it meant the Greyhound fell just short of finishing 7th.   Kate Hulme beat brother Chris Dando in the opening game 3-2 before Bromey, who is up to 4th in the players table and Gary Witcombe beat Barrie Witcombe and Chris Graham (180) . Mark Gould's (180) 3-2 win over Lee Gregory was followed by a 3-0 win for Chris Daniels (180) over Claytn Dando. the pairs were shared as CrossHounds picked up some good points in what will be a close race for top in division 2!

Westhill travelled to their old venue, High Littleton, and upset the odds by beating the Rec by 2 points in a close 15-13 game! After Marq Mathews won the first game against Jon Roberts Westhill hit back with wins for Colin Stead and Alex Todd over Tony McFarlane and Paul Heal respectively before The Rec finished the singles well with wins for myself and for Craig Britten in a close 3-2 win over Grahame Chun. Despite a slender 1 point lead the Rec blew their chance by losing both pairs !

Week 12

Riverside B beat Norton Social Club 15-11 to move above them in the table by 2 points but stay in 3rd place as the Walde A jumped above them. Julian Beale kicked things off with a 3-2 win over Stu Wollacott. Julian hit 3 180's and a 140 finish on the night and is now 6th in the Players table. Nextup was a Steve Hoddinott (180) win over Adie Beale and an impressive 3-0 for Glyn Bryant over Sam Hoddinott. Riverside moved ahead with Brian Wilkins great 3-1 win over Lance Coleman, only his second defeat of the season before Andy Bryant gave Norton a 1 point lead in the singles beating Darren Wilkins. But it was once again the pairs that proved decisive in tight games  with Riverside winning both, including a 15 dart pairs leg for Stu and Sam. Meanwhile The Walde A took max points win over the Crossways to move into second place. They won all the singles including a first game and win for Dean James.

The Exiles had a tough game against their local rivals the Jewell's. The Jewell's had a great start with 3-2 wins for Matt Young and Gary James over top lady Kate Hulme and top 10 player Bromey respectively. The Jewell's then consolidated this with a 3-0 win for Darren Kingman over Tony Dunscombe and a narrow loss for Tom Davis (126 check) to Gary Witcombe. 11-7 down at this stage the Exiles then won the last three games, dropping only one point with a 3-0 win for Lee Gregory over John Lilley and two pairs wins.

Walde B beat the CrossHounds 16-9 to go 2 points ahead of them in the league into 7th are now favourites to play in the First division when the league splits in two weeks. There were singles wins for Alex Stock over Chris Graham plus Charles Gilvray got back to winning ways and Shane Cook (127 check) beat the returning Rick Hulme who must have had a week of reffing! Chris and Clayton Dando were the singles winners for CrossHounds but who went down in both pairs games.

Westhill kept the pressure on the Walde B and CrossHounds in the battle for 7th with a convincing 19-6 win over Tyning, although with Walde B playing Tyning this week they will still be favourites for the 'coveted' (!) 7th place! Grahame Chun has still only lost 2 games while Blind Pairs winner Alex Todd just sneaked past an inspired Carole White 3-2 who was warming up nicely for the Ladies singles next week. One Westhill player was quoted as saying it was the 'best I have seen Carole ever play!! Colin Stead and Graham Woodham won their games while Scotty picked up the only win for the Tyning over Jon Roberts.

The highest scoring match of the week was a battle between Riverside A and High Littleton which the Rec took 17-12 thanks to a 3-0 final pairs game. The Rec got off to a good start with wins for myself over Paul Carpenter (180) in a close 3-2 game, Marq Mathews and Ash Sandon-James before Riverside came back with Colby beating Alan Blackstone. Craig Britten then won a close game against Ian Morris 3-2., Adam Deverill and Colby won the first pairs to take the game down to the last match.

The Red Post cruised to a 20-3 win over the Railway with wins for top of the players table Kalem Marsh (180) who has the most 180's so far with 7. , Chris Allen and Matt Warren. The 3 points for the Railway came for Tony Jones over debtant Sam Jones, stepping in for Andy Boy.


The Red Post remain unbeaten but had to battle to a 17-10 win over Norton Social Club, but the big news was that the only two remaining perfect records were lost on the night. Chris Allen went down 3-0 to Andy Bryant and Lance Coleman lost 3-1 to Colin Clarke. This meant Kalem Marsh (180), with his win over Glyn Bryant could move to the top the players table with Lance just behind him. Matt Warren stays unbeaten, but remains just behind Kalem and Lance in the table as he missed a game, with a win over Adie Beale and added a 15 dart leg plus a 121 check. Julian Beale was the other singles winner for Norton over Andy Hughes (142). There are 6 players from these two teams in the top 8 of the players table.  

Only 2 points separated the Jewells and the Walde B before their game and the Walde B extended their lead marginally with a close 15-11 victory. Tom Davis (180) got the Jewells off to a 3-0 flyer with Jamie Lake and Alex Stock then winning for the Walde. Alex hit a 14 dart leg to follow up his 13 darter from a few weeks ago. After Charles Gilvray beat Sarah Allen John Lilley then beat Shane Cook 3-1 and the Pairs were shared.

The Waldegrave A had a good 17-11 win over the Crown Exiles and overtook them in the league. The Walde built a 5 point lead in the singles by winning two of them 3 nil and losing two by only 1 leg. Steve Clarke (180) led off giving Kate Hulme her first loss of the year while Allan Clarke (180) took 2 legs losing to Lee Gregory (144). Andy Wilcox then had a good 3-0 win over Gary Witcombe before Jon Green again got 2 legs losing to Bromey. The final singles was a close 3-2 win for Mike Chiswell over Andy Biggs, his first loss of the season. The Pairs were shared as Walde maintained the points difference to win by 6.

The Riverside A picked up 18 points for the second time in a row with an 18-7 win over the Tyning. Legs were only dropped as Scotty beat Ivor Chard 3-0 whilst Dom Grass, Ian Morris, Paul Carpenter and Mark Colbourne in a close 3-2 game over Rob Kemp all won their singles.

High Littleton Rec continued their good run with a max points win for the third week over the Railway A. There was a clean sweep of the singles and some close pairs games which included a 15 dart pairs leg for Steve Hillier and Marq Mathews and a 117 check for Ash Sandon James.

CrossHounds had a 14-10 win over Westhill which could have been more dominant as they won 3 singles 3-0 and one 3-1 but two good pairs wins for Westhill gave them a respectable total. The singles win for Weshill came once again from Grahame Chun over Chris Graham. Barrie Witcombe (180), Chris Dando and the Gould's Lee and Mark were the singles winners.

Riverside B picked up max points home to the Crossways to move ahead of the Crown Exiles into 3rd. Barry Gilvray coming closest to a singles win going down 3-2 to Brian Wilkins (108). Sam Hoddinott hit a 180.


The Waldergrave A put on a good performance to win the Derby game against Waldergrave B 20-7. Steve and Allan Clarke and Jon Green got the Walde off to a great start with win before Andy Wilcox then won a tight game against in-form Alex Stock 3-2. Mike Chiswell then stole the show in his singles and pairs with a 170 check! and then proceeded to go Bull-10-Bull for an exhibition 110 check!

Riverside A took a surprisingly dominant 18-9 win over the CrossHounds who are 5 places above them in the table. Paul Carpenter and Ian Morris (100 check) against Chris Dando and Barrie Witcombe got the Riverside off to a great start with 3-1 wins. Chris Graham's 3-0 win with a 180 and a 110 check was not enough to get the Hounds back into it as Dom Grass won 3-1 before Mark Colbourne took a good 3-1 win over Mark Gould (180) . Riverside finished the night off in style with 2 pairs wins.

The Crown Exiles beat Riverside B 16-12 to move above them into 3rd place. The Exiles got off to a flyer as unbeaten Kate Hulme overcame Stu Wollacott 3-1 and Gary Witcombe ended Steve Hoddinott's perfect singles record 3-0. Sam Hoddinott got revenge for this with a 3-0 good win over Lee Gregory before Bromey and last weeks 170 man Andy Biggs had 3-1 wins over the Wilkin's. Riverside had the consolation of winning both pairs 3-1 but it was not enough to overturn the almost unassailable 6 point gap from the singles.

Norton Social Club keep a bit of pressure on the Post with a 18-8 win over the Railway but didn't have it all their own way as Colin Hurle beat Adrian Beale 3-2 and Geoff Fuller inflicted Julian Beale's second only loss of the season with a 3-1 win. Andy Bryant (102), Lance Coleman and Glyn Bryant all had singles wins before getting max points in the pairs.

They were equal in points at the start of the match and it took the last pairs to decide the winners out of Westhill and the Crown Jewells. Uniquely all singles games went 3-1! After John Lilley (180, his 5th of the season!) had got the Jewells' off to a good start Westhill bounced back with wins for Matt Knight and Grahame Chun before two further wins for the Crowns Matt Young and Tom Davis. This two point lead was extended to 3 after the first pairs before Tom and Matt got the legs needed in the last pairs to come out 16-14 winners.

A comfortable win for High Littleton Rec over the Tyning as Ash Sandon-James (180), Steve Hiller, myself (116), Craig Britten(180+116) and Marq Mathews had comfortable singles wins. There was also a comfortable win for the Red Post at the Crossways where they came away 21-3 winners with a seasonal debut for Mike Bricknell as he took the place of missing Matt Warren who missed his first game of the season having won 9 out of 9. This leaves only Chris Allen and Lance Coleman who have played 10 and won 10!


There was a tense close top of the table clash as the Crown Exiles and Red Post battled out an epic game, not a night for big outshots or 15 dart legs! The game swung one way then the other, with one point in after 4 singles as Chris Allen (180) kicked off with a tight 3-2 win over Lee Gregory before Bromey beat Andy Hughes 3-1. Kalem Marsh lost his perfect record with a close loss to Gary Witcombe before Matt Warren preserved his perfect record against Chris Daniels. The final singles went to Andy Biggs against Colin Clarke giving the Exiles a 1 point lead into the pairs which they extended to 3 points as Gary and Lee beat Chris and Matt Warren 3-1. 3 down it was left to Kalem and Andy Boy to salvage a result or the Post which they amazingly managed to win 3-0 and so the match ended in a 14-14 draw.

Crown Jewells went into the last pairs 12-10 down against Riverside A and managed to win the match on the last leg, winning the pairs 3-0! The first 4 singles were shared with Jewell's wins for Darren Kingman and John Lilley (who paired up in the last game) while for the Riverside Paul Carpenter and Ian Morris were 3-1 winners. 2 legs down at that point captain mark Colbourne took control with a 180, a 101 check, a 3-1 singles win over Tom Davis and a 3-1 pairs win with Ian Morris which gave them a 2 leg lead going into the last pairs game.

High Littleton Rec went to the CrossHounds to play the team 1 point above them and came away with a good 21-8 win to move up to 6th, thanks to some very close game and some great darts, mainly from Steve Hillier who hit 2 180's and a 13 dart dart leg, which should which should have been 2 but missed darts at a doubles for a second 13 dart leg. The first three games of the night all went 3-2 to the Rec, the luckiest of which was mine (including from nowhere a 120 check) against Chris Dando. Ash Sandon-James and Marq Mathews (180) were the others with wins over Barrie Whitcombe and Chris Graham. Craig Britten rounded off the singles wins before HL won both pairs.

Walde A got revenge for the Cup defeat with a 19-8 win over Westhill with The Clarke's, Andy Wilcox and Mike Chiswell all winning. Steve Clarke picked up two checks to be the fist player to get 4 this season (143, 102). Westhill picked up points with Grahame Chun winning a close one, 3-2 against Jon Green (115) and he paired up with Graham Woodham, who earlier took 2 legs off Mike Chiswell, for a 3-2 pairs win.

Riverside B got off to a good start against Walde B with three comfortable singles wins for Stu Wollacott and the Hoddinott's before the Walde fought back with Alex Stock and Shane Cook beating Brian and Darren Wilkins (180). The Riverside then won both singles to run out 16-7 winners

Railway beat the Tyning 17-10 with 3 games going to the last leg, the first of which was Steve Ball's first won of the season :) Colin Hurle beat Will Wiltshire 3-2 and Rob Kemp got the Tynings only singles win with a last leg win over Geoff Fuller. Dan Coombes and the in-form Mike Turner over Scotty were 3-0 winners. The pairs were then shared.  Norton Social Club stayed in 2nd as they ran out easy 21-2 winners over Crossways.

Three's not yet updated on players table - sorry!


A high quality top of the table clash saw Norton Social Club retain 2nd place with a 17-12 win over the Crown Exiles. The opening singles games were shared 3-2 with wins for Kate Hulme and Julian Beale over Ade Beale and Bromey(180) respectively, the next two were also shared with a win for Gary Witcombe over Glyn Bryant (180) and in the clash of the unbeaten players, Lance Coleman(120) beat Tony Dunscombe 3-1. The final singles game went to the Norton captain Andy Bryant as he beat Lee Gregory 3-1. Norton took the slender 1 point lead into the pairs and won the first 3-0 thanks to Julian Beale and Andy Bryant to seal the win before the Exiles won the last pairs 3-2.

Riverside B dropped only 1 point against Westhill but Westhill battles well and took 10 points along the way. Stu Wollacott (180) sneaked home 3-2 against Jon Roberts before Steve Hoddinott became only the 2nd player to get 3 15 dart legs so far in his 3-0 win over Matt Knight (180). Grahame Chun then picked up 3 points for Westhill beating Sam Hoddinott 3-2. The Wlkin's then both won 3-1 and Riverside went on to win both pairs.

High Littleton Rec had a good 18-7 win over the Crown Jewells. John Lilley with 2 180's got the Jewells off to a winning start but wins for Marq Matthews (180), myself, Craig Britten in a close 3-2 win over Tom Davis (18) and Steve Hillier meant the Rec took a big lead into the Pairs which they won 6-2.

The Red Post continue their relentless run with maximum points against the Walde B. Shane Cook lost his 100% record but pushed Colin Clarke all the way going down 3-2. Chris Allen hit a 105 and he, Matt Warren and Kalem Marsh maintain their perfect records.

Crossways lost at home to the Railway 6-20 with Gavin Hancock stopping max points with a win in his second game in the League. Dan Coombes beat Bob Bridges 3-1 with a 149, check, a 106 check and a 180! Mike Turner (129), Geoff Fuller and Colin Hurle were the other winners.

CrossHounds beat Tyning 20-6 with Scotty winning the opening game 3-2 with a 110 check before CrossHounds won all the remaining singles with a 180 for Rob Kemp the only highlight. Waldergrave A had a comfortable 21-1 win over the Riverside with Allan Clarke hitting a 180 and a great 155 check. Steve Clarke hit a 109 check.

I have not had chance to update the players table for the Three's before anyone asks!

Week 7

High littleton Rec travelled to Waldegrave A and the match came down to the last pairs as myself and Tony McFarlane, couldnt protect a 1 point lead going into the game and lost to Steve Clark and Chissy. The game had started well for the Rec with a tight deciding leg win for myself over Steve Clarke (140 - double double finish!) and a 3-0 win for Marq Mathews over Alan Clarke  Jon Green beat Paul Heal 3-0 to bring the gap down before Craig Britten won another last leg decider vs Andy Wilcox. Chissy edged Walde ahead with a 3-0 win over Alan Blackstone before Marq and Craig continued their good form with a pairs win to set up the decider.

Riverside B overcame Riverside A 19-4 as Steve Hoddinott kept his 100% record with a win which included a 15 dart leg and a 116 check. The dropped points came as Mark Colbourne beat Sam Hoddinott 3-1, but the only other point the 'A' team could add was a leg for Paul Carpenter in losing 3-1 to Stu Wollacott.

The CrossHounds beat Railway A 19-9 with the highlight a 15 dart leg and a 101 check for Lee Gould as he won his singles 3-0 against Dan Coombes. Mark Gould hit a 180 in his tight 3-2 win over Mike Turner. Colin Hurle won the Railways only singles (and pairs) with a 3-2 win over Clayton Dando which included a 120 check.

Norton Social Club beat Waldergrave B but it took some hard won singles wins to edge them to victory. The Beale's made it a good start with comfortable wins, including a 124 check for Julian and Ade showing he is back to form with a win over Charles Gilvray. Neil Raikes was then taken to 5 legs by Jamie Lake before Lance Coleman just about kept his perfect record winning another deciding leg against in-form Alex Stock who hit a superb 13 dart leg including a 180! Shane Cook remains unbeaten as he beat Glyn Bryant before Norton then won 5 out of 6 points in the pairs with Shane and Alex winning the last pairs 3-2.

The Red Post continued, even for them, quite brilliant form with a 21-2 win over Westhill. There was a 14 dart leg +180 for Chris Allen plus 2 180's and a 109 check for Matt Warren. Matt, Chris and Kalem still have perfect records although Matt Warren finally dropped a leg!! to Dan Greening.

The Crown Jewells took a comfortable 18-6 win over the Tyning with Scotty winning the only game for the Tyning against Mark Hillier. John Lilley, Matt Young, Gary James and Darren Kingman all won for the Jewells.

Week 6

The Crown Jewells had their best win of the season, well ok, their first! A good one, 15-11 over the CrossHounds. There was a first win for Gary James, who did so in style with a 15 dart leg and a 120 check! Plus wins for John Lilley (180) and Mark Hillier, The Hounds had singles wins for Barrie Witcombe and a good tight 3-2 win for Chris Graham over Tom Davis. The pairs were then shared.

High Littleton Rec found it tough against the Riverside B who had a tight 11-10 lead after the singles but stretched away with good pairs wins. Singles winners for Riverside were Stu Wollacott over myself 3-2 plus unbeaten Steve Hoddinott (120 check) and Darren Wilkins who played well in a 3-1 win over Craig Britten. HL kept the singles tight with wins for Ash Sandon-James and Alan Blackstone.

The Walde B got back on track with a 19-5 win over the Crossways. Shane Cook remains unbeaten with Nathan Beattie getting his first win plus a 101 check. Crossways stopped the Walde getting max points as Kerry Langham beat Darren Scammel 3-1.

The Exiles took a maximum points win over Railway A, 21-5. Tony Dunscombe keeps his perfect record with an impressive 3-0 win over Mike Turner. Lee Gregory took a close 3-2 win over Colin Hurle (114) which included a 180. The Red Post also managed max points against Riverside A with a 14 dart leg for Chris Allen plus 2 180's for Kalem Marsh as they both remain unbeaten. Ian Morris gave Andy Hughes a scare and had match darts before going down 3-2 whilst Mark Colbourne took Lee Paradise (180) to a deciding leg.

The Walde A continued the big teams good form this week with a max points win over the Tyning which included Andy Wilcox hitting a 140 check and so the first player to hit 3 100+checks this season. The clean sweep of the singles also included wins for the Clarke's, Jon Green and Mike Chiswell. Norton completed the week of whitewashes with a 21 - 3 win over Westhill to keep them in second place. Lance Coleman remains unbeaten whilst Julian Beale and Andy Bryant hit 180's in their wins.

Week 5

Riverside B beat the Tyning 20-6 only dropping a point when Scotty beat Sam Hoddinott (180) 3-2 in a close game. Steve Hoddinott kept his 100% record and hit a 14 dart leg and a 180. Chris Fry also hit a 180 in losing to Stu Wollacott.

Walde A came back from 9-3 down to win 15-11 against the Crosshounds. The Hounds got off to a great start with wins for Chris Dando over Steve Clarke , Barry Witcombe over Kev Hardy and Chris Graham (180) over Allan Clarke in a close 3-2 game. However, Whitewashes for Andy Wilcox over Mark Gould and Mike Chiswell over Clayton Dando put the Walde level before they won both pairs 3-1. 

Railway A beat Crown Jewells in a very tight 14-12 match which was decided in the pairs with Dan Coombes and Mike Turner teaming up for a 15 dart pairs leg in wining 3-0 to seal the win . Both Dan and Mike had won their singles games along with Geoff Fuller whilst for the Jewell's Tom Davis and John Lilley (180, 104) had good wins

Red Post put a stop to High Littleton Rec's good run in emphatic style with a 21-5 win. Chris Allen (180), Kalem Marsh and Matt Warren all hit 15 dart legs in their wins over Marq Mathews, myself and Alan Blackstone. Marq was the only one who put up a fight winning 2 legs in a good game against Chris. Andy Hughes and Lee Paradise finished the singles off with wins over Steve Hillier and Craig Britten. Ash Sandon James made his Rec debut in the pairs with 2 180's.

The Crown Exiles beat the Walde B 18-7 with Tony Dunscombe maintaining his perfect record with a good win over Charles Gilvray. Kate Hulme and Mark Branson continued good starts to the season while Andy Biggs made his singles debut with a win. Alex Stock provided the highlight for the Walde as won his 4th singles with a win over Lee Gregory who lost his first.

Norton Social club overcame Riverside A 19-9 but looked tougher than the scoreline suggests as although Norton won all the singles every Riverside player contributed points and the pairs were shared. Lance Coleman just kept his 100% record with a 3-2 win over Ian Morris. Adiran Beale hit a 102 check in his win.

Westhill beat Crossways 19-9 but I have not been able to update players table yet as have not seen the card.

  • Cup results from the week before:
  • WestHill 4-3 Walde A
  • Crossways 2-5 Tyning
  • High Littleton 0-4 CrossHounds
  • Crown Exiles 6-1 Walde B
  • Railway 3-4 RIverside B
  • Red Post p - p Norton Social Club

Week 4

High Littleton Rec enjoyed a good 17-11 win over Norton Social Club which started with a fortunate 3-2 win for me over Andy Bryant after which Lance Coleman kept his 100% record with a strong 3-1 win over Marq Mathews (104 check). Alan Blackstone then played brilliantly in his HL debut to beat Mike Gregory 3-1 which included a 103 check and a rarely seen 177 to leave a finish. Steve Hillier and Craig Britten then beat Julian (180) and Ade Beale respectively. to leave 13-7 up after the singles after which each team picked up 4 points in the shared pairs.

Waldergrave B beat Railway 17-11 with Shane Cook keeping his 100% record in tact but ColinHurle pushed him all the way as Shane dropped his first legs of the year. Charles Gilvray couldn't keep his perfect record going as he fell 3-1 to Dan Coombes, the Railways only winner in the singles, he partnered Geoff to win one pairs game for the Railway as well.

Riverside B battled to a 16-11 win over CrossHounds after a strong start in the singles as they won the first three 3-0 with Stu Wollacott and the Hoddinott's leading the way. Sam hit a 180 and a great 13 dart leg in a win over Chris Graham who also hit a 180. The Hoddinott's remain unbeaten. Mark and Lee Gould got the CrossHounds in the game with wins over the Wilkins but the damage was done even though they picked up 5 points in the pairs.

Waldergrave A overcame Crown Jewells 16-8 mainly thanks to a good start with wins for Steve Clarke, Kev Hardy and Jon Green who beat Mark Hillier 3-1. The Jewell's bounced back with a 3-0 win for John Lilley over Andy Wilcox before the Walde sealed the win with a win for Mike Chiswell over Gary James (180) after which the pairs were shared.

Red Post maintained top position as they ran out 19-4 winner over the Tyning with 100% singles records maintained for Chris Allen (180), Kalem Marsh, who hit a 14 dart leg and Matt Warren. Andy Hughes had a welcome win and a 108 check while the dropped points were from Will Wiltshire's good 3-1 win over previously unbeaten Colin Clarke.

Westhill's unbeaten start to the season came unstuck against the Exiles who are moving quickly up the table after a slow start. John Roberts lost his 100% record to Lee Gregory, who kept his, as did Tony Dunscombe. The only singles loss for the Exiles was Grahame Chun winning a great battle over Gary Witcombe to avenge his Over 50's final loss last year. Westhill finished the night well with a pairs win as Grahame Chun partnered Colin Stead to a win and a 7-18 loss. Andy Biggs hit a 126 check in the forst pairs game.

Week 3

Westhill are now third with a comeback win to beat previously unbeaten Waldegrave B 15-13. Westhill started well with Jon Roberts keeping his 100% record and a win for Grahame Chun (113 check) over Jamie Lake. Charles Gilvray kept his 100% record with a win for the Walde B . Walde then moved 11-9 ahead after the singles as Alex Stock, 3-2 over Alex Todd, and Shane Cook who had his third win. But then the Pairs belonged to Westhill as they won both 3-1 to take an impressive win.

Riverside B took a hard fought 15-11 win over Crown Jewells. The Jewells won 2 of the three first singles thanks to Mark Hillier and John Lilley, who beat Marty Simmons despite Marty hitting a superb 14 dart leg and a 180. Between those two Steve Hoddinott (120 check) beat Tom Davis whilst Sam Hoddinott and Darren Wilkins gave Riverside the lead. Darren Wilkins beat Darren Kingman in a close 3-2 game which included a 180 for Darren K

The Red Post stay top with an 18-5 win over the CrossHounds. 100% records maintained for Chris Allen, Kalem Marsh, Colin Clarke and Matt Warren . The CrossHounds' Chris Graham hit a 180 on the way to a 3-0 win over Andy Hughes to stop the Post getting max points.

Waldegrave A picked up 18 points in a high scoring game against the Railway A, who got 10 points themselves. The Walde wins came from Steve Clarke, Alan Clarke, who went to a deciding leg against Steve Ball, as did Andy Wilcox (104) over Geoff Fuller, while K Hardy made his debut with an impressive 3-1 win over Colin Hurle. Mike Turner was the sole singles winner for the Railway over Mike Chiswell. The Walde then won both pairs games which included a 180 for Jon Green.

High Littleton Rec travelled to the Crossways and won 18-5 with the highlight a superb 12 dart leg for Craig Britten as he went 121/180/118/82 out. He then hit another 180 later. Joe Ruprech got the only singles win for Crossways as myself (180), Steve Hillier and Marq Mathews also won.  I hit a 180 to join Andy Wilcox as the first players to get at least 1 check, 180 & 15 dart leg.  

The Crown Exiles got back to winning ways with maximum points against Riverside A. Tony Dunscombe and Lee Gregory carried on there 100% records which included a 15 dart leg for Lee Gregory against Ian Morris who had the consolotation of a 180 . Kate Hulme won on her return and hit a 180 but it went to the decider against Paul Carpenter. Gary Witcombe also hit a 180 in his win over Darren Bailey.

Norton Social Club beat Tyning 18-8 with Andy Bryant and Lance Coleman keeping up their perfect records, Lance also hit a 14 dart leg. Chris Fry won his second game of the season in beating Adrian Beale (106 check) in a tight 3-2 game. Norton lie only 2 points behind the Post in a congested table. 

Week 2:

Norton Social Club had a very good 19-9 win over the CrossHounds. They had a clean sweep of singles wins which included the very welcome return of the legend Mike Gregory (180) and the almost as legendary (!) Neil Raikes (180) who beat Dean Young (180). Adrian Beale overcame Chris Graham (180) while Lance Coleman and Andy Bryant have now won two out of two, they also paired up for a pairs win. The CrossHounds did pick up 5 points in the pairs including a 3-1 win for Clayton Dando and Dean over the 'dream team' of Julian Beale and Mike.

Westhill had a great 19-9 win over the Railway. Matt Knight and Jon Roberts kept their good starts to the season with wins with Graham Woodham also winning his singles. The dropped points came from Mike Turner winning a close 3-2 battle over Grahame Chun and Colin Hurle with a win over Alex Todd. Westhill then picked up 6 pints in the pairs to the Railway's two.

High Littleton Rec came back from a 9-2 deficit after 3 singles to beat the Crown Exiles 13-12 in a relatively low scoring affair. Bromey (against me). Lee Gregory (180) and Tony Dunscome had led the charge for the Exiles but were pegged back by two 3-0 wins for Crag Britten and for Steve Hillier who bounced back with a win over Gary Witcombe. Craig and Marq Mathews teamed up to beat Lee and Gary 3-0 with some high quality darts before Steve and myself scraped the two legs we need for the match going down 2-3 to Bromey and Tony.

Waldegrave A bounced back this week with a 15-13 win over the Riverside B in a high quality game. There was only 1 point in it after singles. The Hoddinott's were winners for the Riverside with Steve beating Allan Clarke, despite Alan hitting a 15 dart leg and a 180, whilst Sam (180+ 100) beat Jon Green. Steve Clarke had got the Walde off to a great start and Andy WIlcox and Mike Chiswell won their first singles games. Andy got a full house of a 180, 108 check and a 15 dart leg. Pairs were split with the Walde gaining an extra leg for the overall win.

In a tight game The Tyning overcame the Crossway 15-13. The Tyning had a good start with wins for Scotty and Tony Carlow while Kerry Langan got the Xways back into with a 3-1 win before Rob Kemp extended the Tynings lead. Barry Gilvray had a great 3-0 win over Will Wiltshire to keep their hopes alive but the points were shared in the pairs giving the Tyning the win.

The Red Post beat the Crown Jewells 18-4 but dropped points as in-form Tom Davis beat Andy Hughes 3-0. There were 180's for Matt Warren, the first player to move to 3 180's, Kalem Marsh and Gary James.

Week 1

Defending champions The Red Post got off to the perfect start with maximum points in a 21-5 win against the returning Waldegrave A, however by all accounts there were some very close legs and games. Singles winners included Matt Warren (2x180) who has stayed in Peasedown to play at the Post, Colin Clarke who beat Andy Wilcox who is playing for the Walde, Chris Allen hit a 180 and a 109 check in the battle of the captains against Alan Clarke. Defending singles champion Kalem Marsh edged a very close 3-2 win over Jon Green who missed match doubles.

The Crown Exiles only had 4 players available against Tyning and just managed to scrape a 14-13 win thanks to wins in the pairs after being 12-8 down in the singles. Tyning's 2 wins out of 4 (they won the 5th 3-0 by default) came for Will Wiltshire (180), who beat Bromey (180) 3-1, C Fry over Chris Daniels. Tony Dunscombe and Lee Gregory (180) had wins ov er the father and son Kemp's.

The newly named CrossHounds (old Greyhound team) won a convincing derby against the Crossways dropping only one point which came as Kev Williams beat captain Chris Dando 3-2. Mark Gould (107), Chris Graham and new boys Lee Gould and A Armstrong all won their first games of the season. Riverside B took all 5 singles against the Railway with Colin Hurle the only Railway player to take a game to the deciding leg against Sam Hoddinott however the Railway then won both pairs to pick up 9 points overall and leave the Riverside on 18.

Midsomer Norton Social Club started strongly against the Crown Jewels winning the first 3 singles as Andy Bryant, Julian Beale and new boy Lance Coleman beat Darren Kingman, John Lilley and Gary James respectively. The Jewells cam back into it with wins for Tom Davis and Matt Young but the Jewells lost both pairs and ended up with a respectable 11 points to the Club's 18.

There were a lot of tight games as Westhill beat Riverside A 16-10 but consistency in the singles for Westhill, winning 4 out 5 won the day for them. John Roberts over Paul Carpenter and Grahame Chun over Dom Grass were both 3-2, as was Mark Colbourne winning for the Riverside vs Graham Woodham . Matt Knight and Alex Todd were the other Westhill winners. The pairs were shared, each winning one 2-0, but, they only played best of 3! For now I have given each team an extra point but can be discussed at the next meeting if anyone has an issue!

New boys Waldergrave B beat High Littleton Rec 13-11 in a low scoring game with lots of three nils! The only singles game to go the distance was Alex Stock beating Craig Britten 3-2. Myself (14 dart leg, 104 check) and Marq Mathews won singles for the Rec with Charles Gilvray, with a superb 151 check, and Shane Cook winning for the Walde, the latter with brilliant darts in a high quality game over Steve Hillier who wired a double for a 12 darter and still lost the leg!

FIXTURES 2018/19

Please note that the 'Greyhound' team will not be playing at the Greyhound, their location is TBC. 

Final League Table 2017/18

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