PDL Rankings

PDL Individual Ranking

For a bit of fun I have calculated an overall ranking of players using the last three seasons of results. I hope to use this as a starting point and continue to update this using actual results during the season. It will be different to the Players table as it will focus more on winning %'s, who you beat and bonus points for 180's, Checks and 15 dart legs, It will include Cup games and maybe singles/pairs etc. It will have no bearing other than a bit interest and maybe the basis for a one off seeded comp at the end of the season for the top 32 (for example).


(Note this is active players only, if you are not playing in the league this year you will be removed)  

The 'score' was calculated using the average winning % of each player from the last three years with bonus points for 180's, checks above 120, checks less than 120, 12 and 15 dart legs. Further adjustments were made if players played less than around 65% of games in a season and if last season they played in the 2nd division in the second half of the season. It therefore focuses more on the winning of games, regardless of score and only taking into account the number of games you play if it less than around 65%. The normal players table focuses on your contribution to team points.  

Going forward I might try and make further bonus points available if you beat a higher ranked player (or one in the top 32). I will also include Cup games and maybe pairs.   

Some players above will drop off once I know who is signed up this year, it will only be for ACTIVE players.