Info / Rules / Contacts


League Secretary : Greg Easton 07342261245

League Treasurer: Andy Wilcox

Competition Secretary: Carole White 07989956590

Chairman: Chris Allen

2018 AGM Highlights  (23rd July, Railway Inn)

Expected ROLL CALL. 

12 teams more or less confirmed. 2 uncertain - Red Post B and Dolphin. Wunderhounds have withdrawn

Railway A


Riverside A 

Riverside B

Crown Jewells

Red Post A

Norton Social Club


High Littleton Rec

Greyhound (New location TBC)

Westfield  (Old High Littleton B)

Crown Exiles

Red Post 'B' (Uncertain)

Dolphin Inn (Uncertain)


Brian Wilkins will be standing down as Chairman, Proposal for replacement will be discussed at the meeting.

League and Playing Format:

Proposed to remain at: 5 Singles followed by 2 Pairs. All best of 5. Scoring remains as 1 pt per Leg plus 2 bonus points for winning the game. 

Games will continue to start at 8.30pm sharp with all singles players being in attendance. Exceptions must be pre-agreed between both Captains. 

League Structure:

No changes Proposed




Games consist of 5 singles followed by 2 pairs games. Singles and Pairs will be 501 best of 5 legs. pairs games 501 best of 5. Straight in, double out, bust rule applies. 
Home team players throw first in 1st leg and bull-up in deciding leg. All games must be chalked on a board and home team chalks all games. Winning team  to  forward card (including all 180s, legs 15 darts or under and checkouts 100 or greater, signed by both captains) to arrive with secretary within 7 days of match. Cards can be scanned/photographed and may be sent via E-Mail/Text/FB. Late cards £5 outstanding fine. One point to be awarded for each leg won and two bonus points for winning team. Games to commence at 8:30 PM - play must  be  continuous with no waiting for players once game under way. ALL SINGLES PLAYERS MUST BE PRESENT WHEN SINGLES DRAW COMPLETED AT 8.30pm. Any late players will not be able to play in singles but still eligible for pairs. 

The singles games are all drawn at the start of the match. Both team captains will pick their five singles in order-of-play and hand to their opposite Captain to put down on the card. Both captains will be blind to the other captains order. Pairs games are picked by the captain before each pairs game during the match. Home captain to put his pairs names down first on the card.


New players may be registered at any time. Players may be transferred between teams up to end of January. Transfers only with consent of both captains. No restriction on number of 'County Standard' players other than 'County standard' players must be registered by the end of January. The Committee will assess whether a player is of 'County Standard’. Any team playing unregistered players will be fined and/or have points deducted.

Honoraria & Fees

Will be determined at the first meeting of the year depending on number of teams and structure of the Committee. Fees for 2017/18 are £160 per team. Teams will pay £20 at the agm and then 3 instalments of £40/£50/£50 at each meeting. The fees cover all competitions but singles will incur an additional £1 per player charge. Honoraria: Secretary £40 Treasurer £40 Competitions Secretary £40 Chairman £0.

League Player Standings

Legs difference will resolve ties, Playoffs will be used if still equal. 


Significant Rule changes only considered at AGM

Team registrations can only be guaranteed if team is represented at the AGM and a deposit paid

If there are an odd number of teams represented at the AGM then the teams must decide at the AGM whether licence will be given to the committee to attempt to fill the vacancies or accept a late or an unrepresented team.

League Structure

Whether the League runs as One or more divisions will be decided at the AGM depending on the number of teams who enter. A decision will be taken at the AGM whether to accept applications after the AGM.

Promotion and Relegation

if more than 1 division the number of teams Promoted and Relegated will be two unless agreed otherwise at AGM


All at Railway Inn 7.30 PM Start – dates on Fixture list, Attendance is compulsory. £10 fine for non-attendance. All decisions concerning venues, fees, prizes etc. will be made by way of vote: 1 vote per team. Chairman will decide in case of split vote. Teams not present will not get to vote. Unforeseen Circumstances may require changes to printed schedule; teams will be advised of any such changes at meetings.

Presentation Night

Order of play to be circulated by committee on night. Changes to order only at committee’s discretion. Pay out, format and order of play to be agreed at last Meeting. All Players must be present at relevant roll call in order to play. ALL finals must be played on Presentation night

Ladies & Age competitions

Same rules as Singles. Under 25 limited to those under 25 on 4th September (start of season). Over 50s limited to those over 50 by Finals Night (end of season). Proof of age may be required. Eligible players must have played at least one game of singles or pairs for each team or have entered the main singles/pairs. Depending on number of entrants the Under 25's and Over 50's will be best of 5 in the qualifying rounds. All finals best of 5. 


Normal league rules apply except that all games are BEST OF 3. Singles are drawn blind and order is random. Pairs draw done after the singles. Captains chose pairings for pairs but order is random. Tie decided by games won, i.e. a race to 4. Toss for start in first game and then alternate starters and markers.

To play in KO semis/final each player must have played at least 4 games during the season (league or cup games).

Fees in Arrears

Any team falling behind with subscriptions will be expelled at committee’s discretion. Players only allowed to play for other teams when their portion of debt has been repaid to league.

Singles, Pairs, 3s & 4s (if played)

Roll call at  8:30 sharp followed by draw – All Players must be present at draw or else ruled out – this means all 4 players in a four, all 3 in a three etc. - Official to adjudicate on any disputes.Officials to ensure result sheet with secretary by next meeting Fine for non compliance £2. Singles/Pairs 501. Straight Knock out to be used throughout all competitions. Singles players must have played (or be present at) 4 league/cup games prior to entry. Pairs players must have been present at 3 league/cup games. All Singles games are Best of 5 throughout the competition. Threes is played early in the season as is open to all players 'signed on' for a team, we expected captains to only pick players who they anticipate will be used in the season in good faith.


Cancelling team must give 24 hours notice AND be approved first by committee. Teams cancelling < 24 hours may have to pay for food. If committee not informed £5 fine on both teams. Committee may award game 10-0 to non cancelling team if insufficient notice. Otherwise teams should set new date ASAP, committee to set dates and/or venues if agreement can’t be reached.

Sporting Behaviour

Teams should show respect to other teams’ players and supporters. There should be no calling out during a players’ throw. Disputes between players should be settled by the captains, any threatening/unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated. Penalty for breach £10 and/or suspension from league.